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Western Green Energy Hub Sets New Heights for Green Energy Projects Worldwide

Published on 07th November 2023

Project at a Glance

Project Name 

Western green energy hub 

Project Type


Project Location

Western Australia 




Hydrogen project 

Project Value

AUD 100 billion (USD 74.7 billion)

Project Status

Contract Awarded

Main Contractor 

InterContinental Energy (46%), CWP Global (44%), and Mirning Green Energy Ltd (10%)

Project Developer/Coordinator

Government of Australia 

Project Start Date


Project Completion Date


Special Mention

One of the World's Largest Green Hydrogen hub


Project Overview 

The Western Green Energy Hub was established to meet the rising need for eco-friendly power. The project's goal was to use renewable energy sources as a source of future energy for the entire region, and it grew out of conversations about concerns regarding the environment and an urgent requirement for alternatives that are more environmentally friendly. 


western green hydrogen


This audacious goal of building a Western green energy hub will be brought to fruition through the collaboration of InterContinental Energy (46%), CWP Global (44%), and the Mirning Traditional Lands Aboriginal Corporation (10%). It is going to produce approximately 50 GW of energy through a combination of upstream wind and solar energy. This will make it possible to manufacture more than 3.5 million tons of environmentally friendly hydrogen and approximately 20 million metric tons per year of ammonia derived from renewable sources, which can then be put to use in the production of goods, the processing of minerals, and shipping fuels.


The Western Green Energy Hub is a massive project for the generation of renewable energy, with a particular emphasis on the utilization of solar and wind energy. The project will utilize 25 million solar panels and 3 thousand wind turbines for the production of green hydrogen. It makes use of advanced manufacturing methods to produce energy while also making a major contribution toward lowering the release of carbon dioxide. The incorporation of solar and wind power sources guarantees a steady and dependable supply of electricity.



To make it simple for you, we have clubbed the progress of all these years in a table. Take a look at the timeline for the project to get a better understanding of its phases. 



Work done

December 2019

Selection of the project's site was done

September 2020

Beginning of the consultation with Mirning 

December 2021

The status of the lead agency was granted to the project

March 2022

Commencement of resource monitoring 

End of 2023

Signature of ILUA


The final investment decision will be made 


Completion of the project


Project Cost

According to the estimates, the cost of Western green energy hub is estimated at AUD 100 billion (USD 74.7 billion). The shareholders of the project are InterContinental Energy (46%), CWP Global (44%), and Mirning Green Energy Ltd (10%). The project needs a large investment so that the physical framework that is necessary for effective energy generation can be established. 


It is anticipated that green hydrogen will be valued at more than $2.5 trillion by 2050, according to forecasts, and is a significant component of the worldwide solution to accomplish the goal of reaching net zero emissions. Despite the high upfront expenditures, it is an investment of strategic importance in renewable energy because of the long-lasting advantages that it will provide.



The Western Green Energy Hub will be constructed in the southeastern part of the Goldfields region of Western Australia. Its purpose is to tap into the unutilized renewable energy that the wind and sun provide. It will be built on an area of 3706580.72 acres.  


The location of the Western Green Energy Hub was selected after much thought and consideration in order to improve the efficiency of the plant when it is running and reduce the overall quantity of greenhouse gas emissions that are the result of the running of the plant. The terrain at this location features a rolling topography that makes it an ideal location for the Western Green Energy Hub to be built. Access to highways and transcontinental rail lines that already exist will be beneficial to the project.



Contractors Involved 

The realization of the Western Green Energy Hub will be significantly aided by the contributions of a number of well-known engineering and construction companies. These individuals' names and affiliations are listed below. 


It was reported in the month of July 2023 that the Australian Western Green Energy Hub and Korea Electric Power Corporation had entered into a Memorandum of Understanding towards establishing a joint venture for the generation of hydrogen derived from renewable sources in Australia.

Benefits of the Project

Despite the fact that the project faces a great number of unique difficulties, it is nevertheless associated with a wide range of advantages, and it will be of value to the nation in terms of economic, technological, and environmental considerations. Listed below are some of the advantages of the Western Green Energy Hub.


Environment Friendly 

The most important advantage is the significant generation of clean, renewable energy, which plays a big role in the decrease of emissions of greenhouse gases. When renewable resources are used, there is less of an influence on the environment, which helps to protect ecosystems and biodiversity while also lessening the consequences of climate change.


Creation of Jobs 

The initiative will enhance the economy of the region by providing long-term employment possibilities and producing jobs in building, operation, and preventative maintenance. This will benefit the people residing in the area and build a stronger economy.


Technological Advancement

As a result of the project's efforts to foster innovation in the areas of sustainable business practices and renewable energy technology, the region will be able to assume a leadership position on a worldwide scale.


Energy Security 

The Western Green Energy Hub increases the region's secure energy supplies by diversifying the mix of energy sources. As a result of this, the region is less dependent on traditional forms of fossil fuel.



In its conclusion, the Western Green Energy Hub represents a key milestone in the development of alternative energy sources that are more environmentally friendly. The initiative seeks to solve environmental issues while simultaneously promoting economic development and technical progress through the strategic utilization of wind and solar resources. In large-scale renewable energy projects, it is essential to take a multidisciplinary approach, which is highlighted by the participation of a number of different contractors and stakeholders. When the hub is fully operating, it will have an important influence on the energy landscape of the region as well as the overall effort to combat climate change around the globe.


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