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What You Need to Know About Piedras Pintas Salt Dome - World's Largest Green Hydrogen City in USA

Published on 07th November 2023

Project at a Glance

Project Name 

Piedras Pintas Salt Dome Green Hydrogen Project 

Project Type


Project Location

South Texas




Hydrogen project 

Project Value

Not Released 

Project Status

Contract Awarded

Main Contractor 

Green Hydrogen International (GHI)

Project Developer/Coordinator

Government of the United States of America 

Project Start Date


Project Completion Date


Special Mention

World's Largest Green Hydrogen City


Project Overview 

The project entails the building and operation of a cutting-edge, environmentally friendly hydrogen production facility. This facility will make use of electrolysis, which will be fueled by renewable energy sources. The energy from the sun and the wind will be captured in order to generate power, which will, in turn, make it easier to electrolyze water in order to produce hydrogen. The Piedras Pintas Salt Dome performs dual roles such as ensuring a consistent and reliable supply of hydrogen for a variety of applications while also serving as a safe and effective place of energy storage option for the hydrogen that is generated.



Green Hydrogen International (GHI) (leading green hydrogen producer) is the primary developer of what will become the largest hub for the generation and preservation of green hydrogen across the entire globe in South Texas. This hydrogen hub will have a capacity of 60 GW and will generate more than 2.5 million tonnes of environmentally friendly hydrogen each year which will be equal to 3.8% of gray hydrogen. The green hydrogen will be transported by pipelines to Corpus Christi and Brownsville, from where it will be processed into green ammonia, sustainable aviation fuel, and various other products. 


The Piedras Pintas salt dome project will be constructed in parts, with the initial stage scheduled to begin functioning in 2026. This phase is going to consist of a pair of hydrogen storage caverns and a production capacity of 2 gigawatts. It is possible to construct over 50 salt caverns, which will allow for the long-term preservation of up to 6TWh of electricity and will transform the dome into a key center for the preservation of green hydrogen.


The production of green hydrogen will have uses in a variety of business sectors, including production, transport, and the creation of power. This will result in a considerable reduction of carbon emissions and will contribute to a future that is more environmentally friendly.


Project Background 

As the world struggles with the negative consequences of global warming, the Piedras Pintas Salt Dome Green Hydrogen Project stands as an innovative endeavor with the goal of capturing sustainable energy by means of green hydrogen production. The rising demand for renewable and environmentally acceptable forms of energy as a means of mitigating the negative consequences of climate change served as the impetus for the conception of this initiative. The Piedras Pintas salt dome is a crucial choice for the revolutionary project because it offers a suitable geological framework for advanced clean energy storage.


The initiative aims to build a dependable and scalable supply of environmentally friendly clean hydrogen gas in order to place itself at the top of the list of the switch to clean energy as the whole world worries about carbon dioxide emissions and the adverse effects they have on the environment continue to grow. This initiative came into existence as a direct result of the ongoing efforts made by countries all over the world to find a solution that would result in a cleaner environment. 


Location Details 

The project is located in a geographically advantageous area, making it easily accessible and providing close proximity to several renewable energy sources. The exact location of Piedras Pintas Salt Dome Green Hydrogen Project is in Duval County which is about 145 km west of Corpus Christi the region of south Texas. The geographical stability of the salt dome offers an appropriate setting for the preservation of hydrogen, which ensures that the project will be carried out in an effective and risk-free manner.


Because of the location of the site in extremely close proximity to multiple modes of transportation, green hydrogen can be easily distributed to a wide variety of enterprises and markets. This helps to advance economic growth in the surrounding area while also decreasing dependency on conventional fossil fuels.


Project Cost 

The spending plan for the project includes the building of the hydrogen manufacturing plant, the setting up of the infrastructure for renewable energy sources, the development of storage structures within the salt dome, and the costs associated with operation for the first stage. However, the cost of the project has not yet been revealed by the developers.


According to a rigorous monetary study, the long-lasting advantages of this financial commitment as well as the increasing interest in the marketplace for green hydrogen are sufficient enough to justify the financial cost of this project. The financial backing for the project comes from a variety of sources, including investments from the private sector, grants from government agencies, and collaborative agreements with organizations that are dedicated to developing environmentally friendly energy solutions.


Contractors Involved 

In order to ensure that the Piedras Pintas Salt Dome Green Hydrogen Project is carried out without a hitch, an organizational group of contractors that are well-known for their skills and knowledge has been put together. The following table is provided for your reference and clarity. 


Contracted for

GreenTech Engineering

supervise the building of the facility for the generation of hydrogen, making sure to incorporate the most recent developments in electrolysis techniques and safety measures.

SolarWinds Energy

chosen to serve as the solar and wind power supplier.

GeoSecure Solutions

Storage as well as services related to geological consultancy



The Piedras Pintas Salt Dome Green Hydrogen Power Plants Project is an important step toward a more environmentally friendly and zero-carbon future. The project intends to make an important impact to the ongoing efforts being made all over the world to reduce the negative effects of global warming by applying revolutionary technology, capturing energy from sources that are renewable, and making strategic use of geological formations. Because there is a constantly developing need to save the environment and make use of renewable energy resources in the modern world, this project is very useful not only for the country but also for the entire world.


The decision to make an investment in this project not only coincides with good environmental management, but also guarantees financial rewards through the creation of jobs, the development of regional areas, and the promotion of the region as a hub for the creative development of environmentally friendly technologies. The Piedras Pintas Salt Dome Green Hydrogen Project is a shining example of development in a time when the focus of the globe is gradually shifting toward more environmentally friendly forms of energy. This project has proven that an enormous-scale green hydrogen storage facility and manufacturing are both feasible and profitable.


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