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Hive H2 Albamed Plant - Europe's Largest Green Hydrogen Hub

Published on 07th November 2023

Project at a Glance

Project Name 

Hive H2 Albamed Plant 

Project Type


Project Location





Hydrogen Project 

Project Value

€ 10 billion 

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Main Contractor

Hive Energy 

Project Developer/Coordinator

Government of Spain

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Special Mention

Europe's Largest Green Hydrogen Hub


Project Overview 

A pioneer in the field of energy from renewable sources development, Hive Energy was established in the United Kingdom and has developed many projects in Turkiye, Argentina, Chile, and South Africa. The company has revealed that it intends to establish HIVE H2 ALBAMED in Albacete, which will be Europe's most extensive and groundbreaking green energy project. The Hive H2 Albamed Plant is a revolutionary effort in the realm of environmentally friendly energy, with the key goal of being placed on the generation of green hydrogen.


Hive H2 Albamed Plant is the very first center for the distribution of hydrogen and ammonia in Albacete. By the year 2030, it will comprise as much as 9 GW of energy derived from wind and solar power sources, together with 4 GW of electrolysis capacity. Not only this, it will also be capable of producing one million tonnes of green hydrogen and green ammonia by the year 2030. The Hive H2 Albamed Plant facility will be responsible for over one hundred percent of Spain's currently anticipated output of green hydrogen.



The Hive H2 Albamed Plant undertaking, which is going to be situated in Albacete, southeast Spain, is the very first ammonia project that Hive Energy will undertake in Europe. The local authority of Castilla-La Mancha has designated the undertaking as a "highest priority" and so far ended up being successful in acquiring 20,000 hectares of land for the project. 


The initial two stages of the Hub will be situated in the industrialized neighborhood of Camporroso, giving the future logistics hub close proximity to the reasonably priced green hydrogen. The site of the Hive H2 Albamed Plant was chosen with great deliberation in order to maximize the plant's effectiveness during operation and cut down on the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions caused by the plant's operations. 


Project Scope

The Hive H2 Albamed Plant will be completed in four phases. In January 2023, Hive began the process of obtaining permits for the initial stage of the project. Concurrently, the company additionally introduced the venture to the provincial government of Castilla La Mancha in the hopes of having it designated as a top-priority project. It is anticipated that the first phase's final investment decision will be made in 2025 and it will be fully operational in the year 2027. The initial stage of the Hive H2 Albamed Plant will consist of a combination of up to 800 MW of electrolysis, 1.1 GW of solar photovoltaic power, 284 MW of wind power generated onshore, and a system for storing energy. 


Hive's mission through this project is to have an important impact on the shift to a carbon-free economy and is expected to make a considerable contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gases and the promotion of a more ecologically sound energy landscape. The production of hydrogen of an exceptionally high quality using only eco-friendly sources of power is the major goal of the Albamed Plant, which makes use of leading-edge electrolysis techniques. The Hive H2 Albamed plant encourages worldwide collaboration by facilitating the sharing of information and collective efforts to find solutions to problems relating to the world's supply of energy.


Project Cost

The magnitude of the project, as well as the level of ambition it aims to achieve, is reflected in the financial investments to be made in the Hive H2 Albamed Plant. It is anticipated that more than 10 billion euros will be invested in the project. 


The financial backing for the undertaking comes from a variety of new partnerships including financiers from the private sector, grants by government agencies promoting clean energy programs, and collaborations with financial organizations that are in alignment with the project's social and environmentally conscious aims. This huge expenditure demonstrates the dedication of stakeholders to being at the forefront of technological advancement within the green hydrogen industry. 


Contractors Involved

For the Hive H2 Albamed Plant to become a reality, it is necessary to work together with industry-leading contractors who are well-known for their key engineering activities, technical concepts, and competence in renewable energy and commercial construction projects.


  • The project is effectively connected with the REPowerEU Plan of the European Commission, as well as the Green Hydrogen Strategies of Castilla-La Mancha and Valencia, and the European backbone program. 
  • Hive Energy Limited has given CEO Thyssenkrupp Uhde a contract to produce a pre-FEED in order to assist with its planned construction of Hive's initial green hydrogen/ammonia manufacturing facility in Spain. 
  • In the year 2023, Enagás, Hive Energy, and the JCCM collaborated to create "the most extensive green hydrogen hub in Europe" project development in the city of Albacete.
  • In order to design and construct a hydrogen production facility that is environmentally friendly, Hive Energy plans to implement the innovative electrolysis technology (Hevo solar technology) that was created by the Portuguese business Fusion Fuel. 


Benefits of the Project

Although the project has a lot of unique challenges, it is still associated with a variety of benefits, and it will be of service to the nation in terms of economic, technological, and environmental considerations. Following are the benefits associated with the Hive H2 Albamed Plant Project. 


Environmental Benefit 

This project is an important step towards environmental conservation. It is anticipated that the Hive H2 Albamed plant generates hydrogen using the process of electrolysis. This supplies an environmentally friendly form of energy that can help facilitate the creation of a mix of energy that is less polluting and more durable. 


Economic Benefit

The generation and consumption of hydrogen can provide a positive contribution to economic progress by encouraging the development of new sectors and marketplaces that are connected with solutions that are based on hydrogen.


Job Creation 

The construction and maintenance of the Albamed plant would almost certainly result in the creation of fresh job possibilities, which would contribute to the expansion of the local economy. According to the data revealed by Hive Energy, 12,000 estimated job opportunities will be opened up by this project. 


Reduce carbon emissions 

The hydrogen that is synthesized at the plant has the capacity to be utilized as an environmentally friendly fuel, which may result in a decrease in the amount of carbon emissions released by industries such as the transportation and manufacturing sectors. This is one of the most significant renewable energy projects.


Technological advancement 

It is possible that the plant may spur technological breakthroughs in both the generation and consumption of hydrogen, hence encouraging innovation and nurturing competence in the relevant field.



The Hive H2 Albamed Plant is a demonstration of the combined energies of industry experts, which have pushed beyond the limits of the generation of environmentally friendly power. A country or region can establish itself as an inspiration in environmentally friendly energy on a global scale by green transformation and making investments in cutting-edge technology such as the development of hydrogen. The project is positioned to make a long-lasting effect on the natural environment of the green hydrogen industry as a result of its advantageous location, roster of reputed contractors, and large financing. 


Shirvine Zhang who is a Global Director of Green Hydrogen at Hive Energy also said that HIVE H2 ALBAMED will be beneficial in advancing Hive Energy’s position as a leader in dynamic ammonia production globally. The green ammonia Plant has emerged as a guiding light for progress, making a significant contribution to a more robust and environmentally friendly future as the global community continues its shift toward a more environmentally conscious energy transition.

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