Texas Instruments Breaks Ground for a Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication Plant in Utah

Last Updated on 06th November 2023

Texas Instruments broke ground on its new 300-mm semiconductor wafer fabrication plant in Lehi, Utah. The company has invested around USD 11 billion for the semiconductor wafer fabrication plant. This new expansion LFAB2 (Lehi FAB2), will create approximately 800 direct jobs. The new expansion will connect to the company’s existing 300-mm fabs which include LFAB1(Lehi, Utah), DMOS6 (Dallas) RFAB1, and RFAB2 (both in Richardson Texas). LFAB2 is expected to commence its operations by 2026. 


Texas Instruments stated that LFAB2 will be an environmentally efficient semiconductor fabrication plant. Apart from this LFAB2 will be powered 100% through renewable electricity. The expansions will provide a reliable supply of analog and embedded processing products. Utah Governor Spencer Fox stated that this investment would be transformative for the state of Utah. He also added that the plant will create hundreds of good-paying jobs.


Apart From LFAB1 and LFAB2 Texas Instruments is developing a digital innovation hub in Utah. The Digital Innovation Hub will be a state-of-the-art facility that will support TI's digital transformation and help the company develop new products and services. The Digital Innovation Hub is expected to be completed in 2024.


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About Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments (TI) is an American semiconductor design and manufacturing company that develops analog and embedded processing technologies. Texas Instruments is one of the world's largest semiconductor companies and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.  



Texas Instrument’s products help customers efficiently manage power, accurately sense and transmit data, and intelligently process information in the real world. Their analog chips and embedded processors are used in billions of electronic products every day, including smartphones, computers, cars, and industrial equipment. Texas Instruments also has many other semiconductor fabrication projects under its portfolio such as:


  • North Texas RFAB expansion- Texas
  • Sherman Fab 1 and Sherman Fab 2- Texas
  • Texas Instruments Design Centers- Dallas.Austin and Houston
  • Texas Instruments Analog Innovation Center


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