MedOne Invests $ 270 Million to Develop Data Center Facilities in Israel

Last Updated on 09th February 2024

Israeli data center company MedOne is developing two new underground data centers outside Tel Aviv. MedOne will invest around USD 270 million for the projects. The facilities will cover an area of approximately 30,000 square meters. The first facility on the campus, located north of Tel Aviv, will be opened in 2026. 



The second facility in Kfar Yona is due to be launched in 2027. Ronnie Sadeh, CEO of MedOne, said, “The new campus, similar to the other facilities, is planned and managed according to the attribution threats of the state of Israel.to enable business continuity even under extreme conditions in which the civil electricity infrastructure may be damaged.”


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The company is developing seven additional facilities across Israel, totaling more than 85,000 square meters and 90 MW. MedOne is said to be building a 10 MW data center facility next to the existing facility at Tirat Carmet and a 10.5 MW site in Ramla. These new facilities will further expand MedOne's capacity and meet the growing demand for data center services in Israel. The underground location provides several advantages, such as protection from natural disasters and security threats. Explore our database to find out about MedOne's data center projects in Israel.


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About MedOne Data Centers

MedOne, a leader in the Israeli data center industry, boasts a network of four highly secure and interconnected facilities strategically located across the country. These centers, spanning over 17,000 square meters, offer a total of 180,000 square feet of data hosting space, ensuring ample room for your organization's IT needs.


Their facilities are strategically located in geographically dispersed industrial zones, ensuring continued operation even in unforeseen circumstances. Each data center boasts the ability to function autonomously for up to 72 hours thanks to on-site emergency resources, providing an extra layer of peace of mind for their clients. Additionally, their network connectivity is top-notch, with partnerships with major players like Bezeq International, Imperva, and Amazon guaranteeing high-speed and reliable data transmission.


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