Top 7 Diesel Generator Manufacturers in India [2023]

Published on 21st June 2023

An uninterrupted power supply is essential for homes, businesses, and industries.


Also known as a “diesel genset” and “diesel generator set,” a diesel generator (DG) provides backup power to help keep day-to-day operations running smoothly in the event of a power outage or during power fluctuations. 


A diesel generator (DG) uses a combination of an electric generator (also known as a “power generator”) and a diesel engine to generate electricity from diesel fuel.


A diesel generator control panel is the user interface that enables operators to control the generator and review the current status, system diagnostics, and overall functions of the generator.


Furthermore, a silent diesel generator (also known as a “silent diesel genset”) has the same engine as a traditional generator. However, it operates inside a generator enclosure or a sound-proof container, which dampens the sound.


Do you want to learn more about the top players in the India DG set market? Read on.


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Top 7 Diesel Generator Manufacturers in India [2023]

Ashok Leyland Ltd.

Caterpillar Inc.

Cummins India Limited

Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited

Mahindra Powerol Ltd.

MTU (Rolls-Royce PLC)

Perkins Engines Company Limited

Blackridge Research & Consulting – India Diesel Generator Market Report

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Top 7 Diesel Generator Manufacturers in India [2023]


Here are India’s leading manufacturers of diesel generators/generator sets (listed alphabetically):


Ashok Leyland Ltd.

Founded: 1948

Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India


Founded as “Ashok Motors,” Ashok Leyland Ltd. is a leading Indian automotive manufacturer owned by the Hinduja Group. Ashok Leyland’s founder Raghunandan Saran set the company up in collaboration with Austin Motor Company, England, to assemble Austin cars.


According to Ashok Leyland, it is "India’s second-largest commercial vehicle manufacturer." Apart from a wide range of buses, defense vehicles, light vehicles, and trucks, Ashok Leyland provides power solutions, such as agricultural engines, diesel generators, industrial engines, and marine engines.


Ashok Leyland’s “LEYPOWER” brand of diesel generator sets are aesthetically designed, environmentally friendly, and highly fuel efficient with low operating costs.


Ashok Leyland’s diesel genset portfolio includes 30 models with varying power ratings (kVA):

  • GENSET MODEL LP20D1 (20 kVA)
  • GENSET MODEL LP15D1 (15 kVA)
  • GENSET MODEL LP25D1 (25 kVA)
  • GENSET MODEL LP35D/LP40D (35/40 kVA)
  • GENSET MODEL LP50/LP62.5D (50/62.5 kVA)
  • GENSET MODEL LP62.5D1 (62.5 kVA)
  • GENSET MODEL LP75D/LP82.5D (75/82.5 kVA)
  • GENSET MODEL LP100D (100 kVA)
  • GENSET MODEL LP125D (160 kVA)
  • GENSET MODEL LP160 (5 kVA)
  • GENSET MODEL LP250D (250 kVA)
  • GENSET MODEL LP 320 (320 kVA)
  • GENSET MODEL LP 350 (350 kVA)
  • GENSET MODEL LP 380 (380 kVA)
  • GENSET MODEL LP 400 (400 kVA)
  • GENSET MODEL LP 415 (415 kVA)
  • GENSET MODEL LP 450 (450 kVA)
  • GENSET MODEL LP 500 (500 kVA)
  • GENSET MODEL LP 600 (600 kVA)
  • GENSET MODEL LP 650 (650 kVA)
  • GENSET MODEL LP 750 (750 kVA)
  • GENSET MODEL LP 1010 (1010 kVA)
  • GENSET MODEL LP 1250 (1250 kVA)
  • GENSET MODEL LP 1500 (1500 kVA)
  • GENSET MODEL LP 1750 (1750 kVA)
  • GENSET MODEL LP 2000 (2000 kVA)
  • GENSET MODEL LP 2250 (2250 kVA)
  • GENSET MODEL LP 2500 (2500 kVA)


Here are the major features of Ashok Leyland diesel generators:

  • Better block-loading capability
  • Compact engine
  • Continuous duty power rating
  • Easy serviceability and repairability
  • Low oil and fuel consumption
  • Low ownership cost
  • Minimal vibrations and lower noise levels
  • Nationwide after-sales and parts support
  • Reliability and ruggedness
  • Standardized design for the entire range


Caterpillar Inc.

Founded: 1925

Location: Irving, Texas, United States


Founded by Benjamin Holt and C. L. Best, Caterpillar Inc. (Caterpillar) is known as “the world’s largest manufacturer of construction equipment.”


Caterpillar has key offices in Bengaluru (Bangalore) and Chennai, with manufacturing facilities in Aurangabad, Hosur, and Tiruvallur. Caterpillar also has a technical center in Chennai.


Caterpillar’s rich history in India can be traced back to the 1930s when the company’s track-type tractors and scrapers were among the first machines used for building roads in the country.


Caterpillar provides commercial and industrial generator sets in a variety of options to match diverse power needs—simplifying selection and installation for consumers.


Caterpillar diesel-fueled generator sets (7.5-7,150 kVA) are designed for global emissions compliance, high efficiency, and low fuel consumption.


The following Caterpillar diesel generator models are based on country of use (India), with some models available exclusively for the Indian market:

Model Name

Maximum Rating


400 kVA


500 kVA

C18 (India market only)

600 kVA

C32 (India market only)

1250 kVA

3512B (India market only)

1500 kVA

3516B (India market only)

2250 kVA


2500 KvA (Standby Rating)

2275 kVA (Prime Power Rating)


2750 KvA (Standby Rating)

2500 kVA (Prime Power Rating)

3516C (with an upgradeable package)

2750 KvA (Standby Rating)

2500 kVA (Prime Power Rating)


3125 kVA


3000 KvA (Standby Rating)

2750 kVA (Prime Power Rating)


3500 kVA


3500/3250/3000 KvA (Standby Rating)

3175/2950/2725 kVA (Prime Power Rating)


3100 (no fan)/3000 KvA (Standby Rating)

2825 (no fan)/2725 kVA (Prime Power Rating)


4000 (no fan)/3900 KvA (Standby Rating)

3600 (no fan)/3500 kVA (Prime Power Rating)


4850 kVA


7520 kVA


Cummins India Limited

Founded: 1962

Location: Pune, Maharashtra, India


Cummins India Limited (Cummins) is among the Cummins Group’s seven legal entities in India and a leading diesel and natural gas engine manufacturer.


Cummins India Limited is a consolidated subsidiary of Cummins Inc. and operates through three business segments—Engine, Power Systems, and Distribution.


Cummins provides a variety of generators by fuel type, such as diesel generators, gas generators, natural gas generators, and propane generators.


Under diesel generators, Cummins provides 55 models (7.5 kVA-3750 kVA) for residential and commercial sector applications.


Cummins diesel generators include but not limited to the following (prime power rating in kVA):

  • C7.5D5P (7.5 kVA)
  • C10D5P (10 kVA)
  • C12 D6T (11-14 kVA)
  • C20D5P (20 kVA)
  • C40D5P (40 kVA)
  • 6BTA5.9 I-Range (82-155 kVA)
  • 6CTA8.3 (160-213 kVA)
  • NTA855 (275-456 kVA)
  • KTA38 (900-1160 kVA)
  • KTA50 (1250-1608 kVA)
  • QST30 (1125-2281 kVA)
  • QSK95 (3125-3750 kVA)


Here are the main features of Cummins diesel generators:

  • Excellent reliability
  • Fast response to load changes
  • Low emissions
  • Optimum performance
  • Versatility for stationary standby and prime power


With 9,000 dealer locations in 190 countries and 6 continents, as well as 500 company-owned and independent distributor facilities, Cummins’ global capabilities and local support help customers receive prompt and professional assistance.


Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited

Founded: 1946

Location: Pune, Maharashtra, India


Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited (KOEL) is the flagship company of the over 130-year-old Kirloskar Group. KOEL is one of the world’s largest power-generating set manufacturers with four state-of-the-art manufacturing units, four regional offices, and 13 network offices across India.


The well-established equipment manufacturer has a comprehensive product portfolio—ranging from farm mechanization and power generation products to electric motors and industrial engines.


Kirloskar Green and Kirloskar Portable & Stationary are KOEL’s well-known diesel genset brands. Kirloskar Green is designed to provide optimum power backup for various commercial purposes. According to the company, its “KOEL Green” is “India’s largest-selling and most trusted Genset brand for over a decade.”


KOEL’s diesel generator products include:

  • 3 kVA-5 kVA
  • 5 kVA-12.5 kVA (SLIM POWER)
  • 15 kVA-30 kVA
  • 40 kVA-160 kVA
  • 180 kVA-250 kVA
  • 320 kVA-625 kVA
  • 750 kVA-1010 kVA


Here are the key features of KOEL gensets:

  • A choice of air-cooled or water-cooled engines
  • Best-in-class fuel efficiency with O2E (Optimal Operating Efficiency) technology
  • Controller-based easy push start
  • CPCB II norm compliance (latest government emission norms)
  • Easy maneuverability
  • Ergonomically designed handles
  • Quick and affordable doorstep service
  • Robust and reliable products
  • Routine maintenance indicator


Mahindra Powerol Ltd.

Founded: 2002

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


Mahindra Powerol Ltd. is a business unit of Mahindra Group’s Automotive & Farm Equipment Sectors (AFS). The Mahindra Group is a billion-dollar Indian multinational conglomerate with operations in 100+ countries.


Mahindra Powerol provides DG sets for the defense, railway, and telecom sectors. The company’s diesel gensets are also installed at various locations, such as:

  • Banks
  • Bungalows
  • Construction sites
  • Hospitals
  • Petrol pumps (gas stations)
  • Small offices and shops
  • Supermarkets


Mahindra Powerol DG (diesel generator) models include:

  • 5 kVA
  • 10 kVA/15 kVA
  • 20 kVA-25 kVA
  • 30 kVA/35 kVA/40 kVA/45 kVA
  • 50 kVA/62.5 kVA
  • 75 kVA-125 kVA
  • 160 kVA/180 kVA/200 kVA
  • 250 kVA/320 kVA
  • 400 kVA/500 kVA/625 kVA
  • 700 kVA-3500 kVA


Mahindra Powerol’s “Spectro” series (5 kVA) with the air-cooled cooling system is one of the most silent gensets with sturdy wheels and a long handle for easy mobility.


Every Mahindra Powerol’s DG set complies with the most stringent emission and noise norms stipulated by CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board of India).


While the DG set’s effective governing system ensures the equipment’s total safety by controlling voltage fluctuations, the engine’s small footprint makes the DG set ideal even for roof mountings.


Here are the significant features of Mahindra Powerol DG sets:

  • Compact and eco-friendly design
  • Large fuel tank
  • Longer engine life
  • Low maintenance cost


Mahindra Powerol maintains a vast network of authorized dealers and skilled service engineers with 400+ sales and service touchpoints across different cities in India.


MTU (Rolls-Royce PLC)

Founded: 1969

Location: Friedrichshafen, Germany


Stylized as “mtu,” MTU is a Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG company and a leading provider of industrial generators for high-demand power environments.


MTU derives its name from “Motoren- und Turbinen-Union,” which refers to “Motor (Engine) and Turbine Union.”


As a product and solution brand of Rolls-Royce, MTU provides world-class power solutions for various applications, such as:

  • Airports
  • Data centers
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Independent power plants
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Wastewater treatment plants


Known for robust design and optimal fuel consumption, the mtu diesel generator set (DG set) portfolio includes:


mtu Series 4000 (1,600-4,000 kVA) – Delivers highest level performance for decentralized energy supply.


mtu Series 2000 (770-1,270 kVA) – Delivers immediate power output even in extreme ambient conditions.


mtu Series 1600 (460-730 kVA) – Represents mtu power, reliability, and technology for this power range.


mtu Series 0080 – mtu Series 0225 (30-94 kVA) – Like their larger genset counterparts, these lower power range generator sets feature high efficiency, low fuel consumption, and excellent reliability.


mtu diesel generator sets are designed to operate even in extreme conditions and are available with six different ratings for flexible, decentralized energy.


Here are the significant features of mtu diesel gensets:

  • High power density
  • Low emissions
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Mature and reliable design
  • Superior transient operation


Perkins Engines Company Limited

Founded: 1932

Location: Peterborough, United Kingdom


Perkins Engines Company Limited is a world-renowned diesel engine provider for various applications. Apart from state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Aurangabad and Hosur, Perkins has two distribution partners in India—Gmmco Power and Powerparts Private Limited.


With 90 years of experience in designing and manufacturing high-performance diesel engines, Perkins offers a comprehensive product range, including:


400 Series: The Perkins 400 Series is an extensive family of engines in the 0.5-2.2-liter range designed to meet global emission standards and provide optimized performance. For example, Perkins’ smallest engine—the 402D-05—combines performance, low operating costs, and an efficient, ultra-compact package suitable for small industrial applications.


904 Series: The Perkins 904 Series is designed to meet current and future emission standards with the flexibility to adapt to evolving machine technologies. Perkins 2.8- and 3.6-liter options provide adaptable and robust power for agriculture, compact construction, and industrial machines.


1100 Series: The Perkins 1100 Series is available in the 3-cylinder, 4-cylinder, and 6-cylinder variants and is known for excellent reliability and low cost of ownership. Apart from complying with regulated and unregulated emission standards, these engines provide superior performance for agriculture, construction, and other sectors.


1200 Series: The Perkins 1200 Series engine range is designed to operate in different environmental conditions while improving productivity and reducing cost.


1500 Series: The Perkins 1500 Series is built on a proven, validated core, which makes the engine suitable for supplying backup power (health facilities) and prime power (factory units), among other applications. Due to outstanding capability at altitude and in intense heat, these engines are ideal for meeting the needs of electric power customers living in tough climate conditions.


1700 Series: The Perkins 1700 Series is a compact and robust family of industrial engines designed to boost performance and productivity while saving customers money on installation and ownership.


2200 Series: The Perkins 6-cylinder 2200 Series is a powerful family of diesel engines known for the low cost of installation and ownership, as well as robust and reliable performance even in the harshest working environments.


2400 Series: The Perkins 2400 Series is designed for low-cost installations with low heat rejection and is certified to meet various international emissions standards without sacrificing performance or reliability.


2500 Series: The Perkins 2500 engine range offers high performance with economy and reliability. In addition, the 2500 Series delivers much-needed power for different purposes—from off-highway applications to efficient and reliable electricity generation.


2800 Series: Known for reliability and robust performance, the 6-cylinder Perkins 2800 Series meets global emissions standards—providing the flexibility for customers to access multiple territories more affordably.


4000 Series: Available in 6- to 16-cylinder models, the Perkins 4000 Series delivers performance and reliability while achieving regulated and unregulated emissions standards worldwide.


5000 Series: The Perkins 5000 Series has been optimized and tested to deliver cost-effective and reliable performance when and where needed with excellent load acceptance, low fuel consumption, and low maintenance costs.


Furthermore, Perkins’ diesel engine series is categorized under “certified” and “fuel-optimized models”:

Certified Models

Fuel Optimized Models

4000 Series (2)

4000 Series (7)

5000 Series (3)

1100 Series (6)

2400 Series (1)

1700 Series (1)

1100 Series (8)

2800 Series (2)

1700 Series (2)

1500 Series (1)

2800 Series (5)

400 Series (3)

400 Series (15)

2200 Series (2)

2200 Series (1)

2500 Series (1)

2500 Series (2)

1200 Series (1)

1200 Series (3)



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Wrapping Up


Diesel generators provide reliable power for the following and many more:

  • Airports
  • Commercial buildings
  • Data centers
  • Homes
  • Hospitals
  • Large manufacturing industries
  • Metro rail stations
  • Mobile homes
  • Small offices
  • Universities


A diesel generator also serves as power generation equipment to supply electricity to remote areas. While portable generator sets are ideal for domestic use and small businesses, large industrial generators are preferred for high-power needs.


Diesel genset suppliers (including silent generator set suppliers) specialize in manufacturing durable and reliable gensets suitable for extreme operating conditions in India.


As power demand varies day and night and on weekdays and weekends, engine capacity is optimized to enable the genset to adjust to sudden load additions.


In addition to providing diesel generating sets with robust configurations, diesel generator companies also offer installation and maintenance services and quality spare parts to help customers make the most of the product offerings.


Diesel generator manufacturers in India ensure convenient and efficient power by providing a wide range of diesel gensets or generators built to the highest quality and performance standards.

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