The World’s Leading EV Charging Station (EVSE) Companies [2023]

Last Updated on 08th January 2024

Smart EV charging is essential for creating a clean and electrified future.


Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) manufacturers (also known as “EV charging station manufacturers”) provide simple and reliable charging solutions, including a variety of electric vehicle charging stations, which enable EV owners to charge whenever and wherever they need it.


As more and more electric vehicle drivers prefer to charge at home, reliable home charging solutions are also now available—offering comfort and convenience like never before.


Furthermore, an EV charging station company not only manages various aspects of EV charging, such as developing, financing, and operating a network of charge points but also helps retail partners unlock new revenue with electric mobility.


Read on for an in-depth look at the top EV charging companies in the world.


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The World’s Leading EV Charging Station (EVSE) Companies [2023]

ABB Ltd.

Allego B.V.

Blink Charging Co.

ChargePoint, Inc.


Enel X Way

EV Connect, Inc. (Schneider Electric)



Shell Recharge Solutions

TotalEnergies SE

Tritium DCFC Limited

Volta Charging (A Member of the Shell Group)

Wallbox NV

Blackridge Research & Consulting – Global Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Market Report

Wrapping Up


The World’s Leading EV Charging Station (EVSE) Companies [2023]


Here are the world’s leading EV charging station companies (listed alphabetically):


ABB Ltd.

Founded: 1988

Location: Zürich, Switzerland


ABB Ltd. is a Swedish-Swiss multinational corporation formed as a result of a merger between Sweden’s Allmänna Svenska Elektriska Aktiebolaget (ASEA) and Switzerland's Brown, Boveri & Cie (BBC). Later, the name ASEA Brown Boveri was simplified to the initials “ABB.”


ABB has many years of experience in developing, installing, and maintaining charging infrastructure, including several nationwide charger networks.


ABB provides a complete range of EV charging solutions for various segments, such as:


  • Home charging (single unit and multi-units)
  • Industrial fleet
  • Public transport
  • Retail
  • Service and delivery fleet
  • Workplace


ABB’s intelligent, tailored, and connected charging solutions include but not limited to the following:


  • Terra AC wallbox (an EV home charger known for high-value quality, flexibility, and safety)
  • Terra DC wallbox (offers fast charging in an ultra-compact footprint for use at residential, commercial, and office buildings and public assets like bus depots)
  • Terra DC fast chargers (designed for quick, convenient charging of all EV models)
  • Terra 360 (the high-power charger claimed to be “the fastest all-in-one charger on the market”)
  • Terra HP charger (175-350 kW high-power charger ideal for highway corridor and EV fleet operations)
  • Electric bus pantograph up (suitable for opportunity or overnight charging of electric buses)
  • Pantograph down for electric buses (enables fast charging with a wide range of power levels)


Allego B.V.

Founded: 2013

Location: Arnhem, Gelderland, Netherlands


Allego B.V. (Allego) was founded as part of the grid operator Alliander and later became part of Meridiam in 2018. In 2022, Allego became a publicly listed company on the New York Stock Exchange.


Allego maintains a pan-European EV charging network with 40,000+ charge points throughout Europe. In addition, Allego provides business solutions to charge fleet or provide charging for visitors.


Allego offers end-to-end charging solutions, such as:


Regular Charging: Regular AC chargers are ideal for average- and longer-length charging sessions. Such chargers are commonly found at car parks, hotels, and shopping malls.

Fast Charging: Fast charging stations are available at meeting venues, restaurants, shopping malls, and supermarkets to charge EVs while attending a business meeting, having lunch, or doing shopping.

High Power Charging: High-power charging stations are perfect for high-traffic locations (such as fuel stations, meeting venues, and roadside restaurants) and car-sharing vehicles or taxis. A high-power charging station can add 125-350 km in just 15 minutes.


Blink Charging Co.

Founded: 1998

Location: Miami Beach, Florida, United States


Blink Charging Co. (Blink) is an industry-leading owner, operator, and provider of EV charging equipment and services, including EV charging station products and the proprietary Blink Network.


In June 2022, Blink Charging acquired SemaConnect—a leading provider of EV charging infrastructure solutions, including Level 2 and DC Fast Chargers.


According to a news release, SemaConnect’s robust hardware product line-up, as well as in-house R&D and manufacturing capabilities position Blink to support the goal of building the first-ever national network of 500,000 electric vehicle chargers (EV chargers)—a reliable, user-friendly network accessible to all Americans.


EV Charging Residential Products


Blink offers the following home charging solutions for fast and reliable charging from the comfort of your home:


  • HQ 200 Americas (makes charging from home better, easier, and faster)
  • Series 4 Americas (designed for safe and reliable Level 2 charging at home)
  • HQ 150 Americas (ideal single-family EV charging station)
  • PQ 150 Europe (compact and portable design simplifies charging and stowing in the vehicle)


EV Charging Commercial Products


Blink offers flexible charging station configurations and business models for all locations, such as:



  • IQ 200
  • MQ 200
  • Series 6
  • Series 7
  • Series 8
  • Series 9 30 kW DCFC
  • 60 kW-180 kW DCFC (Credit Card Option)


Americas | Europe | Middle East

  • EQ 200
  • 30 kW DCFC
  • 60 kW-360 kW DCFC


Europe | Middle East

  • IQ 250-EU



  • Series 3


Blink Network


Blink Network Operations Center (NOC) monitors and manages the Blink Network, which provides a real-time view of EV station locations, availability, hours, and pricing.


In addition to a 24/7 Customer Support Center with action-tracking system, the Blink Network includes remote EV charging station monitoring and provides maximum flexibility and control to elevate the charging experience.


ChargePoint, Inc.

Founded: 2007

Location: Campbell, California, United States


With 15+ years of EV charging experience, ChargePoint, Inc. (ChargePoint) is the globally leading network for every EV charging need. According to the company, ChargePoint is the “first EV charging provider to be ENERGY STAR® certified for energy efficiency.”


ChargePoint charges North America and 16 countries across Europe, with 225K+ activated ChargePoint ports and 465K+ ports (via roaming).


Furthermore, ChargePoint acquired GE’s (General Electric—an American multinational conglomerate and one of the most diversified corporations) EV charging network, adding almost 10,000 residential and commercial charging spots to its network.


ChargePoint designs, develops, and manufactures EV charging hardware and software solutions and its electric charging network serves businesses, fleets, and drivers.


ChargePoint Customers


ChargePoint serves commercial customers across automotive, fueling & convenience, parking, retail, utilities, workplace, and more. ChargePoint also serves company vehicles and motor pools, delivery and logistics fleets, service vehicles, among others. In addition, residential and multi-family home customers of all sizes, including apartments and condos, benefit from using ChargePoint.


ChargePoint Home Flex


ChargePoint Home Flex is a 240-volt Level 2 home charger that charges up to 9X faster than a wall outlet, with excellent fit and finish and a 23-foot charging cable to reach any parking configuration. Moreover, ChargePoint Home Flex is backed by a three-year warranty and UL listed for safety.


Additionally, ChargePoint’s deep integrations with the entire EV ecosystem deliver a great driver experience through:


  • Automotive and infotainment platforms
  • Fleet applications
  • Navigation and payment systems
  • OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol)
  • Roaming partnerships



Founded: 2006

Location: Auburn, California, United States


ClipperCreek is a division of Enphase Energy—a leading global energy technology company. ClipperCreek is an industry leader in EVSE manufacturing and distribution, providing a diverse range of residential, commercial, workplace, and fleet charging stations.


ClipperCreek provides an extensive line of products and accessories for residential and commercial charging needs (including amenity charging, fleet charging, public charging, and workplace charging). ClipperCreek’s charging stations are safety certified from an NRTL (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory) and are indoor/outdoor rated (fully sealed NEMA 4 enclosures).


ClipperCreek’s most popular EV charging station is the HCS-40—a high-quality, high-power, and low-price EVSE built and tested to take the wear-and-tear of everyday use in all environments. The ChargeGuard-enabled HCS has standard best-in-class product features and is compatible with all EVs.


ClipperCreek offers the “Charging Station Selector Tool,” so you can select your vehicle in the drop-down menu and get top recommendations for the perfect charging station.


Enel X Way

Founded: 2017

Location: Rome, Italy


Enel X Way is a subsidiary of the “Enel Group”—an Italian manufacturer and distributor of electricity and gas and known as one of the world’s leading integrated utilities.


According to the company, Enel X Way’s flagship home charging station—The JuiceBox—has been named the “best overall EV charger” by the Edison Institute, E+E and others.


Enel X Way’s hardware solutions include:


Home Charging


JuiceBox home EV charging stations enable customers to charge their EVs from the comfort of their homes.


Here are the key features of the JuiceBox smart electric vehicle charging station:


  • Easy to use and install
  • Locking mount for secure installation
  • Dynamic LEDs for charging status
  • Intelligent WiFi control
  • Up to 9x faster charge (using 240-volt Level 2 charging)


Commercial Charging


Enel X Way offers grid-responsive and fully-networked charging stations for apartments, event centers, and workplaces, among others. The company’s commercial EV chargers not only maximize EV infrastructure investment but also provide access to best-in-class EV charging for customers, employees, and guests.


Here are the award-winning commercial charging stations:


  • JuiceBox Pro (available in 32A, 40A, 48A, and 80A configurations)
  • JuiceStand Pro (easy to install, space saving, and weatherproof)
  • JuicePedestal (comes with long cables and supports 2 JuiceBox Pro charging stations)


EV Connect, Inc. (Schneider Electric)

Founded: 2010

Location: El Segundo, California, United States


EV Connect, Inc. (EV Connect) is a leading EV charging solution provider founded by Jordan Ramer. EV Connect is a subsidiary of Schneider Electric—the global leader in energy management and automation.


Apart from “EV Connect Shield” that provides end-to-end installation services, EV Connect offers EV Charging-as-a-Service or “EV CaaS”—an all-inclusive subscription model offering charging stations, software, and 24/7 support under a low monthly fee.


In collaboration with various EV charging station partners, EV Connect provides the following:


  • ABB Terra 54 DC Fast Charger
  • ABB Terra All-in-One (94/124/184) DC Fast Charger
  • ABB Terra High Power DC Fast Charger
  • BTC Power Level 2 Wall Mount Charger
  • BTC Power AC Level 2 Charger Pedestal
  • EvoCharge Level 2 Charger
  • Freewire Boost Charger 200 kW DC Fast Charger
  • JuiceBar 40A Level 2 Charger (Gen 3)
  • JuiceBar 48A Level 2 Charger (Gen 3)
  • PowerCharge Energy Platinum Level 2 Charger
  • PowerCharge Pro-Lightning Level 2 Charger
  • Tritium RT50 DC Fast Charger
  • Tritium RTM75 DC Fast Charger
  • Tritium RT175 DC Fast Charger


In addition, EV Connect’s products and services are approved in active utility and local government incentive programs, which support EV charging for businesses.



Founded: 2010

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands


EVBox is an EVSE company founded by Bram van der Leur and Huub Rothengatter. EVBox is an all-in-one EV charging provider of charging stations, software, and services for all businesses.


EVBox offers the following EV chargers:


EV chargers for businesses


EVBox Liviqo: EVBox’s most durable public AC charging station is easy to use and offers automated administration convenience with EVBox EVeron charging management software.


EVBox BusinessLine: The best-selling AC charging station is ideal for fleets, workplaces, and businesses. The new generation of EVBox BusinessLine comes with a durable, weatherproof design and is perfect for indoor and outdoor installation.


Apart from easy installation and maintenance, flexible configurations and load balancing aid in easy expansion, as well as reduce infrastructure and energy costs.


EV chargers for homes


EVBox Livo: The highly adaptable and durable EVBox Livo makes home charging as easy as possible and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


EVBox Elvi: EVBox’s original home charging station is easy to use, safe, and a highly versatile charging solution for car dealerships, company cars, lease cars, and private cars.


EV chargers for public and quick-stop locations


EVBox Troniq Modular: The modular DC fast charger has upgradable power modules (delivering 90 kW-240 kW), which make it ideal for fast charging on highways and at retail locations and gas stations.


EVBox high-power charging 400 kW: EVBox is working on a high-power charging station for short-stop locations and fleets (such as buses, passenger vehicles, and trucks).



Founded: 2012

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands


Fastned owns and operates a network of 200+ EV charging stations in Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. As part of its mission to accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility, Fastned builds EV charging stations that are 100% powered by renewable energy from the sun and wind.


Fast charging for all types of electric vehicles


Fastned is compatible with all electric cars, including:


  • BMW i3
  • Hyundai Ioniq
  • Nissan Leaf
  • Tesla vehicles (including Tesla Model 3/S/X)


Fastned offers all fast-charging standards at its stations and makes it easy to plan a route, find Fastned stations, check a charge session, and do much more with the Fastned app.


With Fastned stations located directly along the highway and in cities, it is convenient to plug in at a station, start a charging session, and add up to 300 km range in 15 minutes. In addition, easy payment methods (such as the EV charge card, Fastned app, and QR code) provide the freedom to decide how to pay for a charging session.


Shell Recharge Solutions

Founded: 2022

Location: Los Angeles, California, United States


In 2017, Shell acquired NewMotion in 2017 and Greenlots in 2019. In 2022, the rebranding of EV charging solutions portfolio companies (NewMotion and Greenlots) was completed to form “Shell Recharge Solutions.”


By bringing the two electric mobility portfolio businesses under a unified brand, Shell plans to support the transition of a rapidly growing number of customers to electric mobility.


Shell Recharge Solutions has helped cities like Houston and Los Angeles expand their EV charging infrastructure and supported the electric transformation in North America across cities, fleets, and commercial businesses.


Moreover, it has launched an expansive bi-lateral roaming network through industry partnerships to provide access to 57,000+ charging points across Canada and the U.S.


Apart from a smart EV charging network and a CaaS subscription-based solution, the company provides turnkey EV charging solutions to develop and deploy customized EV charging programs.


Key features of EV charging solutions


  • Site evaluation
  • Engineering and construction services
  • A software platform with a driver app (Shell Sky software solutions)
  • Industry-leading hardware and procurement
  • Installation and commissioning (Shell sky network)
  • Operation and maintenance (Shell Sky Care services)


TotalEnergies SE

Founded: 1924

Location: Courbevoie, France


TotalEnergies SE (TotalEnergies) is a multi-energy company producing and marketing energies on a global scale.


Additionally, TotalEnergies is an integrated player of electric mobility, which provides a wide range of charge points, including:


AC Chargers


TotalEnergies’ AC chargers (charge points) are made in France and equipped with European standard sockets and designed to deliver slow charge or accelerated charge, according to users’ needs and building constraints.


  • Basic models (for small budgets, standardized installations, and warehouses)
  • Style models and Park models (customizable for individuals, companies, and local authorities)
  • City models (convenient for local authorities, particularly roadways)


DC Chargers


Available in single and multi-standard versions, TotalEnergies’ DC chargers are compactly designed and completely sealed and suitable for indoor and outdoor environments. In addition, they can be connected to TotalEnergies’ local and central digital tools like AC chargers.


  • DC24 models – 24 kW power (for car dealerships, corporate companies, dedicated fleets, and service centers)
  • DC50 models – 50 kW power (for car dealerships, commercial locations, and public stations)


Tritium DCFC Limited

Founded: 2001

Location: Brisbane, Australia


Tritium DCFC Limited (Tritium) is a global developer and manufacturer of DC fast chargers for EVs. The Tritium E-Mobility Innovation Centre in Brisbane, Australia is part of a major expansion of Tritium’s headquarters to increase production rates and cater to the demand for DC fast charging and high-power charging.


In addition, the Tritium E-Mobility Innovation Centre in Amsterdam will assist auto manufacturers to test all aspects of battery and charger interoperability.


Tritium’s product portfolio includes:


50 kW: The RT50 is a lightweight, cost-effective, and robust DC fast charger that can charge all EVs on the market and maximize a parking space without the need for expensive site modifications.


75 kW: The RTM75 is a highly advanced DC fast charger that can simultaneously charge two EVs. The RTM75 is engineered for safety and the first of its kind with the Modular Scalable Charging (MSC) hardware platform.


150 kW: The PKM150 features an industry-first DC microgrid design and field-proven modular components for outstanding reliability and serviceability.


NEVI: Tritium’s NEVI-compliant (National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure) system is built to power four EVs at 150 kW each and enables site operators to achieve NEVI uptime requirements.


175 kW: The RT175-S high-powered DC charger is engineered for safety and reliability (across a wide range of grid voltages). It is also easy to install, own, and operate and is capable of charging all EVs on the market.


350 kW: The PK350 is Tritium’s most powerful charger capable of providing up to 350 km of range to an EV in 10 minutes or less. Furthermore, the PK350 charges any EV on the market and is engineered for safety.


Volta Charging (A Member of the Shell Group)

Founded: 2010

Location: San Francisco, California, United States


Volta Charging (Volta Inc.) is an EV infrastructure company founded by Chris Wendel and Scott Mercer. Volta charging stations are compatible with all major battery electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid vehicle types in the U.S.


In the latest development in the electric mobility space, Shell USA, Inc. (a subsidiary of Shell PLC)—one of the world’s largest energy suppliers—finalized the acquisition of Volta Inc.


With this critical acquisition, Shell owns and operates one of the largest public EV charging networks in the U.S. Furthermore, Shell not only scaled its existing network but also gained capabilities to develop, operate, and monetize EV charging infrastructure.


Key features of Volta’s scalable EV charging solutions include:



  • Up to 10 kW of output power
  • J1772 connector with cable management
  • Dual 55” digital displays with dynamic media content
  • Over-the-air station software updates


DC Fast

  • CCS (Combined Charging System) connector
  • Dual 55” digital displays with dynamic media content
  • Flexible payment options (using the Volta app, credit card, etc.)
  • Over-the-air station software updates



  • Single or dual port
  • J1772 connector with cable management
  • Up to 9.6 kW of output power per port
  • Over-the-air station software updates


Wallbox NV

Founded: 2015

Location: Barcelona, Spain


Initially named as “Wall Box Chargers,” Wallbox NV (Wallbox) was founded by Enric Asunción and Eduard Castañeda. Wallbox specializes in advanced EV charging and energy management systems.


Wallbox offers a complete portfolio of charging and energy management solutions for residential, business, and public use, such as:




Pulsar Plus: Wallbox Pulsar Plus is the 360º home charging solution designed for faster EV charging. Pulsar Plus is certified for indoor and outdoor installation and can charge up to 48A.


In addition, Wallbox’s “myWallbox” easy-to-use app helps secure and monitor the charger, as well as schedule charging sessions when energy is cheapest.




Commercial Level 2 EV Charger Installation: Wallbox provides commercial Level 2 EV charger installation for MUDs (Multi-Unit Dwellings) and HOAs (Homeowners Associations) to charge multiple EVs at once by distributing power across connected chargers. Additionally, the myWallbox platform helps in managing and organizing charging points and sessions with maximum efficiency.




Wallbox offers DC fast charging solutions to meet the needs of EV drivers and charge point operators:


Hypernova: Hypernova is designed specifically for deployment along key U.S. corridors. As the high-power charging solution, Hypernova simplifies long distance traveling for EV drivers by delivering up to 400 kW of charging power.


Supernova: Supernova is the next generation fast-charger capable of charging up to 150 kW with excellent flexibility. Supernova’s light and modular design makes it easy to install as a public charging station in urban or intercity locations and semi-public parking lots (including restaurants, shopping malls, or supermarkets).


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Wrapping Up


With the ever-increasing EVs (also known as “alternative fuel vehicles”), the demand for EV charging infrastructure (such as a commercial charging station) is also growing worldwide.


According to a research study, “the global sales of electric vehicles would account for more than 30% of total vehicle sales by 2030.”


Another research study indicates that “more than 50% of car buyers prefer an electric vehicle (including fully electric, plug-in hybrid, and hybrid powertrains) for their next purchase.”


Consequently, there are potential opportunities for simplifying the EV charging experience and accelerating the growth of EV charging infrastructure. Let us look at some prominent EV charging networks:




Tesla Supercharger is a 480-volt DC fast-charging technology built by Tesla, Inc.—an industry leader in EV manufacturing.


According to Tesla, its Supercharger network (45,000+ Superchargers located on major routes near convenient amenities) is the “largest global, fast charging network in the world.”


Electrify America


Electrify America is a leader in EV charging. According to Electrify America, the company is the “largest public fast charging network in the U.S. with 3,503 fast chargers, 116 Level 2 chargers, 806 stations, and more (upcoming).”


General Motors


General Motors (GM—a globally leading American automotive manufacturing company) is working with EVgo (a major DC fast charging station network in the U.S.) to “make available 2,700+ fast-charging stations by the end of 2025.”


Expanding business opportunities in the EV charging space are also enabling station owners to provide an enjoyable charging experience with various amenities like grocery stores, restaurants, and Wi-Fi.


Also referred to as “electric charger companies,” electric charging station companies are playing a central role in addressing the demands of the growing EV industry and adapting to the rapidly evolving global fast charging market.


As the world prepares for a massive uptake of EVs over the coming years, EV charging station companies are making charging simpler and driving sustainable change for a cleaner future.

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