Global Top 10 Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) Companies [2023]

Published on 31st August 2023

The acronym “OCTG” stands for “Oil Country Tubular Goods,” which refer to piping products used in onshore and offshore O&G production.


Here are the three main types of Oil Country Tubular Goods:


·   Drill pipe (a durable steel pipe used in drilling)

·   Casing pipe (lines and stabilizes the wellbore)

·   Tubing pipe (transports O&G to the surface)


The OCTG pipe is generally manufactured based on the API (American Petroleum Institute) standard or related standard specifications.


The API stipulates precise specifications that define OCTG properties—classifying them into ten grades. Furthermore, the chemical composition of the steel and subsequent heat treatment impact OCTG properties.


Keep reading to learn more about the key players in the OCTG market.


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Global Top 10 Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) Companies [2023]

Tenaris S.A.

Vallourec S.A.


Nippon Steel Corporation

JFE Steel Corporation

voestalpine Tubulars GMbH & Co KG

U.S. Steel

Borusan Mannesmann



Blackridge Research & Consulting – Global Oil Country Tubular Goods Market Report

Wrapping Up


Global Top 10 Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) Companies [2023]


Here are the world’s leading OCTG companies (ranking is based on revenue):


Tenaris S.A.

Founded: 2001

Location: Luxembourg, Luxembourg


Tenaris S.A. (Tenaris) is a globally renowned manufacturer and supplier of steel pipes and related services. Tenaris is a subsidiary of the Techint Group—an Argentine conglomerate founded by Agostino Rocca, an Italian industrialist.


Tenaris OCTG


Tenaris’ comprehensive OCTG product range comprises the following:

·   Accessories

·   Artificial lift

·   Casing and tubing

·   Coiled tubing

·   Drill pipe

·   ID & OD coatings

·   Oil and gas tools

·   Proprietary steel grades

·   TenarisHydril premium connections

·   Weld-on connectors


Tenaris’ OCTG offerings are based on different applications, including:


Unconventional: Operators are maximizing shale rock production using horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing techniques. Tenaris provides high-performance, reliable OCTG tubular products for faster, uninterrupted operations in longer lateral wells.


Deepwater: Tenaris’ product portfolio for deepwater operations includes TenarisHydril premium connections, TenarisHydril BlueDock® weld-on connectors, and Dopeless® technology to meet many challenges, such as high-pressure downhole and strong ocean currents.


Shallow Water: O&G companies operating in shallow waters need environmentally efficient and cost-effective solutions. Tenaris addresses this need by offering premium connections designed with Dopeless® technology for faster and safer installation and weld-on connectors for specific applications (such as medium service severity).


HP/HT & Deep Wells: Tenaris’ sophisticated pipe technologies are chosen by global customers for demanding onshore and offshore drilling projects.


Tenaris provides the following for HP/HT (High Pressure/High Temperature) wells:

·   API RP 5C5 CAL IV qualified TenarisHydril premium connections

·   Extra-heavy wall products

·   High-performance materials (to withstand severe well conditions)


Horizontal & Extended Reach Wells: Tenaris offers TenarisHydril premium connections with great fatigue resistance, high torque capacity, and strict clearance requirements for extreme step-out/vertical depth configurations.


Casing While Drilling: Tenaris offers a reliable solution to O&G customers based on a simple yet safe drilling methodology. This solution involves using the casing as a drill string instead of a drill pipe to improve drilling efficiency, optimize well construction costs, and provide greater safety by minimizing personnel exposure.


Thermal (SAGD & CSS): SAGD (Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage) & CSS (Cyclic Steam Stimulation) processes involve different variables and high-temperature load conditions. Tenaris supports customers operating in thermal conditions with specific proprietary steel grades and tested products (able to accommodate thermal load-produced strains).


Mature Fields: Tenaris’ products listed below provide reliable performance and extend the life of wells in mature fields:

·   Premium sucker rods

·   Internal coatings

·   TenarisHydril premium connections (available with CB® ring)


Workstrings: TenarisHydril Wedge connections are resilient to field needs and suitable for demanding workstring applications.


Tenaris also offers a full range of direct project management services, including customized logistics, inventory handling, and technical and post-installation services.


Vallourec S.A.

Founded: 1899

Location: Meudon, France


Vallourec is a global leader in premium tubular solutions and a trusted supplier for the automotive, mechanical engineering, O&G, petrochemical, power generation, and steel architecture sectors.


Vallourec provides a full scope of tubular solutions, including seamless pipe, premium VAM® connections, and accessories for diverse O&G exploration and production challenges.


In addition, Vallourec supports every project stage with inventory management and pipe running operations, as well as design and well management optimization solutions.


Vallourec provides the following OCTG solutions:




VAM is the industry-leading brand for premium connections—serving the O&G industry worldwide for over 50 years. VAM Field Service engineers also ensure smooth running of Vallourec’s products in the field.


Vallourec’s connections are categorized into the following types:




·   VAM® 21/VAM® 21 HT

·   VAM TOP®


·   VAM® HP


·   VAM® LOX



·   DWC/C


Integral Semi Flush



·   VAM® SLIJ-3




·   VAM® SG


Integral Flush






CLEANWELL (the VAM® dope-free solution)


VAM® 21/VAM® 21 HT


According to Vallourec, “VAM® connections are the most widely used in the industry—VAM 21® offers the highest performance in terms of collapse, compression, high-temperature resistance, and torque.”


VAM 21® and its compatible high torque version VAM® 21 HT are advanced premium T&C connections proven to be extremely reliable on the field, whatever the application.


Product Range


·   Available in sizes from 3-1/2” to 16”

·   Available with CLEANWELL®

·   Carbon steels, including SS and HC grades, 13Cr, S13Cr, and corrosion-resistant alloys

·   Yield strengths from 80-140 ksi (kilopounds per square inch)




VAM 21 is a versatile solution for multiple applications, such as:

·   Conventional and unconventional

·   Deepwater/HP/HT

·   Drilling with casing

·   Geothermal

·   Onshore and offshore

·   Tubing, casing, and liners


VAM® Field Service


VAM® Field Service (VFS) refers to a range of services covering the entire pipe lifecycle:

·   Loading/off-loading supervision

·   Pipeyard management

·   Rig preparation

·   Rig site services

·   Sub-assembly makeup and repair

·   Thread inspections


Using VFS experts improves operational efficiency and inventory control and reduces costs throughout the lifecycle of pipes and connections.




Vallourec provides a full range of accessories, including:


Tubing & Casing


·   Coupling

·   Crossover

·   Nipple

·   Pup joint


Surface Equipment


·   Waterbushing

·   Circulating head OCTG

·   Drift mandrel


Completion Accessories


·   Pre-installed cable protector

·   VAM® pressure test caps and plugs

·   Flow coupling

·   Flo-Pup®

·   Blast joint

·   Wireline re-entry guide

·   Mule shoe

·   Bull plug


In addition to providing full technical support on VAM® connections, the company provides Vallourec grades and standard materials to mitigate risks and ensure well integrity.


Vallourec’s innovative solutions and technical prowess help O&G customers worldwide move forward efficiently—minimizing delays and issues while delivering excellent results even in the most extreme conditions.



Founded: 2001

Location: Moscow, Russia


TMK is a world-renowned manufacturer and supplier of tubular solutions, steel pipes, and related services for the O&G industry.


As one of the industry-leading OCTG manufacturers, TMK provides a variety of casing, drilling, and tubing products for O&G production.


Casing: Casing is used to fix O&G wells during construction and operation.


Tubing: Tubing is used during O&G well operation to transport gases and liquids inside casing strings.


Drill Pipe: The drill pipe is used for the following:

·   Construction and overhaul of exploration and O&G production wells

·   Drilling of lateral, inclined, and horizontal wells

·   Technological operations in wells


CRA OCTG: Corrosion-resistant, chrome-nickel TMK-C alloy is designed for the production of casing and tubing used for O&G fields with high content and partial pressure of H2S and CO2 in the extracted product.


Application areas of TMK-C Alloy


·   Ambient temperature up to 235°С

·   CO2 pressure more than 0.014 MPa

·   H2S pressure more than 3.45 MPa

·   High chlorides content

·   Low pH


Vacuum Insulated Tubing (VIT): VIT is designed to develop the fields located in the most challenging O&G production conditions in the permafrost and/or in zones characterized by gas hydrate/paraffin deposition and high viscosity of extracted hydrocarbons.


VIT Applications


·   Prevention of wellbore thawing in permafrost zones

·   Prevention of formation of asphalt, gas hydrates, resin, and paraffin depositions

·   Injection of superheated fluids into the reservoir to heat up high-viscosity oils during development by cyclic steam heating methods, such as CSS and SAGD


TMK also conducted various tests like the bench test and temperature cycle test of TMK-C alloy pipe samples to assess key parameters, including defects on sealing elements, lubricant extrusion, and nitrogen leakage.


Nippon Steel Corporation

Founded: 2012

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Known as “Japan’s largest steelmaker,” Nippon Steel Corporation is one of the world’s largest steel producers with manufacturing bases in Japan and 15+ countries worldwide.


Nippon Steel Corporation was formed by the merger between the old Nippon Steel and Sumitomo Metal Corporation.


OCTG Materials


Material Selection Chart


Apart from material data sheets for each material, Nippon Steel provides a material selection chart to choose from material applications based on H2S content, CO2 content, and temperature.


Application List


The following application list covers Nippon Steel material applications and proprietary grades:


·   Nickel Alloy (austenitic Nickel base – OCTG material for critical well conditions)


·   Duplex Stainless Steel (austenitic Ferritic dual microstructure – OCTG material for critical well conditions)


·   Martensitic Stainless Steel (suitable for sweet environments containing CO2)


·   New Sour Service (low alloy carbon steel OCTG material)


·   High Collapse and Sour Service (provides improved collapse resistance)


·   High Collapse, High Strength (provides strength resistance compared to API standard specification)


·   ERW Large OD Casing (high-performance OCTG material)


·   Arctic (provides improved impact toughness resistance under low temperatures)


·   API (carbon, low alloy and Martensitic stainless steel)


OCTG Connections


Connection List


The following connection list provides access to the VAM® and NSMAX™ product lines:


·   Cleanwell® DRY (CWD)-ST


·   VAM 21

·   VAM 21 HT









·   VAM HP



·   VAM SW


Additionally, Nippon Steel engineers assist customers with “fit-for-purpose” products.


JFE Steel Corporation

Founded: 2003

Location: Tokyo, Japan


JFE Steel Corporation is a globally leading steel manufacturer engaged in the total steel-making process—from taking iron ore raw material and turning it into final products.


JFE Steel Corporation was established from the merger between NKK and Kawasaki Steel.


JFE Steel has developed its JFE series OCTG products with higher:

·   Collapse resistance

·   Corrosion resistance

·   Toughness

·   Yield strength


JFE Steel’s OCTG product lineup includes:


Type of String




·   2-3/8”-7”




·   4-1/2”-7”

·   7”-16”

·   7-5/8”-26”


Conductor Casing


·   16”

·   16”-26”

·   20” and over




·   API Connections


Premium Connections (thread and coupling type)


·   FOX™



With one of the world’s greatest capacities for steel production, JFE Steel continues to contribute to the society and the environment with innovative technology, reduced-impact ironmaking processes, and high-performance steel materials.


voestalpine Tubulars GMbH & Co KG

Founded: 1987

Location: Kindberg, Austria


voestalpine Tubulars GMbH & Co KG (voestalpine Tubulars) is a part of the voestalpine Group—an industry-leading steel and technology group with materials and processing expertise and consisting of the following divisions:

·   Steel

·   High Performance Metals

·   Metal Engineering

·   Metal Forming


The voestalpine Group (voestalpine) operates globally with around 500 Group companies and locations in over 50 countries on all five continents.


voestalpine Tubulars is a global leader in high-quality, seamless Oil Country Tubular goods offering tubing, casing, and accessories, as well as additional products like heavy upset pipe and drill pipe.


voestalpine Tubulars produces casing and tubing according to API and ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards and a broad range of special products tailored to individual customer requirements.


All of its OCTG products are available up to an outside diameter of 193.7 millimeters in API or special grades, with API or Premium Connections.


voestalpine OCTG


·   VAtitan-TC® (combines speed and strength)

·   VAroughneck® (designed for rotated strings)

·   VAsuperior® (designed to meet ISO 13679, CAL IV)

·   VAGT® (voestalpine Gas Tight)

·   VAF (voestalpine Flush)

·   DryTec® (the lubricant-free solution for Premium Connections is currently available as:

o   VAGT-DryTec®

o   VAsuperior-DryTec®

·   VAxplorer® (for extreme torques, extended reach wells, and rotation operations)

·   VAwizard® (the magic connection)


With over 50 production, R&D, sales and distribution sites and licensees on five continents, voestalpine Tubulars ensures comprehensive customer service and best-in-class solutions based on the core values of customization, innovation, and sustainability.


U.S. Steel

Founded: 1901

Location: Pennsylvania, United States


Commonly known as “U.S. Steel,” the United States Steel Corporation is an integrated steel producer with production operations mainly in Central Europe and the U.S.


The iconic company is recognized as an industry leader in the production of “high-value-added steel sheet and tubular products” sought after by manufacturers in the appliance, automotive, construction, container, and O&G industries.


The U.S. Steel Tubular Products is known as “the largest, fully integrated energy tubular producer in North America” with a comprehensive range of OCTG offerings specially designed and manufactured to meet the demands of the most extreme O&G environments.


OCTG Products and Services


·   OCTG Casing and Tubing

·   OCTG Steel Grades

·   OCTG Connections

·   OCTG Casing and Tubing Accessories

·   OCTG Casing and Tubular Services

·   Rig Site Services


U.S. Steel’s over a century of commitment to manufacturing the finest quality O&G steel tubular products makes it uniquely positioned to serve its energy customers with products developed, tested, and produced in the U.S.


Borusan Mannesmann

Founded: 1958

Location: Türkiye


Borusan Mannesmann (Borusan) is Turkey’s “largest steel pipe producer” and the first industrial enterprise of the Borusan Group.


The industry-leading pipe and tube manufacturer offers more than 4,000 product varieties globally to meet the needs of the automotive, construction, energy, and machine production industries.


The premier steel pipe company built a state-of-the-art, 145-acre steel pipe factory in Baytown, Texas, to better serve the North American energy market.


Borusan Mannesmann Pipe U.S.


Borusan Mannesmann’s fully owned U.S. subsidiary—Borusan Mannesmann Pipe U.S.—is an award-winning steel pipe manufacturer.


Borusan Mannesmann Pipe U.S.’s Bayton, Texas, facility produces more than 300,000 tons of steel pipe annually for the top distributors in the O&G industry.


Borusan Mannesmann Pipe U.S. offers a wide range of OCTG products using cutting-edge technology with proven processes built over decades of global manufacturing experience.


OCTG Casing


In Baytown, Texas, Borusan’s flagship facility produces OCTG casing with diameters ranging from 4.5” to 10.75” and wall thicknesses up to 0.625” primarily with “made and melted USA” steel.


Borusan provides OCTG casing in a variety of grades, weights, and sizes to meet the complex needs of O&G Exploration and Production (E&P) companies


Borusan delivers a full range of API 5CT (a standard API spec) and proprietary grades and industry-leading end finish options.


API Grades


·   J55

·   N80*

·   L80*

·   P110* (*HC available)


Borusan Proprietary Grades


·   HC K55

·   EHC L80

·   EHC P110

·   CYP110

·   HSCY P110

·   MS P110


OCTG Tubing


Borusan produces API 5CT tubing at its Gemlik, Turkey, facility that has extensive experience in producing high-specification ERW (Electric Resistance Welded) pipe in various diameters.


OCTG Connections


Borusan offers all API connections and a diverse range of licensed connection offerings as mill-finished products from its Baytown facility—with each product designed to meet the ever-evolving well design and construction needs.


The Baytown facility is also equipped with three state-of-the-art threading lines operated by experienced professionals.


OCTG Pipe Threading Capabilities


Borusan works with approved third-party thread shops and arranges for plain-end sales to allow customers to thread at their preferred locations.


Borusan’s pipe-threading capabilities include:


Threaded and coupled semi-premium


·   GBCD





Threaded and coupled premium metal-to-metal seal



·   TCPC


Integral flush semi-premium



·   MO-FXL

·   MO-XFC


Borusan’s OCTG products are designed to meet the toughest oilfield challenges—going beyond the “industry standard” with efficient design, excellent workmanship, rigorous onsite third-party inspections, and top-notch manufacturing machinery.



Founded: 1990

Location: Nikopol, Ukraine


Interpipe products are suitable for all major fields of application, including the following industries:

·   Construction

·   Mechanical engineering

·   O&G

·   Power generation


The Interpipe product range comprises the following:

·   Coatings

·   INTREPID™ Premium and Semi-Premium connections

·   Line pipes

·   Mechanical pipes

·   OCTG (casing and tubing)

·   Pipes for industrial application


Interpipe OCTG


Interpipe’s OCTG product range includes:

·   Seamless and welded (ERW) casing

·   Seamless tubing

·   Couplings


Casing and Tubing


Interpipe manufactures seamless casing pipes and tubing pipes, which adhere to major international standards, such as API 5CT, GOST 632-80 (GOsudarstvennyy STandart in Russian means “state standard”), and GOST 633-80.


Interpipe seamless casing product range



Nominal size

Min. diameter (mm)

Max. diameter (mm)

Min. wall thickness (mm)

Max. wall thickness (mm)

Type of end-finish


4 1/2







Interpipe ERW casing product range


Nominal size

Outside diameter (mm)

Steel grade

Product specification level



H40, J55




H40, J55




H40, J55




H40, J55



Interpipe tubing pipe range


·   Non-upset with plain ends (P)

·   Non-upset threaded ends (NU)

·   Upset threaded ends (EU)


Interpipe casing pipes and tubing pipes are used for exploration and exploitation of O&G wells across the world, including:

·   Canada

·   CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States)

·   Europe

·   North Africa

·   North America

·   Russia

·   South America

·   The Middle East


Interpipe is an approved supplier of major international O&G companies, including Gazprom, Lukoil, Rosneft, Petrobras, and Saudi Aramco.



Founded: 1992

Location: London, the United Kingdom


EVRAZ plc is one of the world’s top steel producers and a vertically integrated steel-making and mining company. EVRAZ North America (ENA) is the leading manufacturer of engineered steel products—delivering a broad range of specialty steel solutions to customers in Canada and the United States.


EVRAZ North America’s portfolio includes:

·   Energy Tubulars

·   Wire Road & Bar

·   Plate & Coil

·   Rail




ENA is one of North America’s largest producers of energy tubulars, including:


·   Seamless OCTG

·   HFW (High-Frequency Welded) Line Pipe

·   HSAW (Helical Submerged Arc Welded) Pipe


ENA is also Canada’s leading OCTG producer with operations in Camrose, Calgary, and Red Deer (Alberta) and Regina (Saskatchewan).


ENA provides OCTG products for diverse applications, such as:

·   CO2 and hydrogen storage

·   Conventional O&G

·   Geothermal

·   Non-conventional shale

·   Thermal oil sands




EVRlock connections provide high reliability for the most challenging wells because these connections are manufactured and measured to precise tolerances with engineered features.


Let’s look at ENA’s OCTG products:


ERW Casing and Tubing


Outside Diameter


Wall Thickness



2 3/8”-16”


·   H40

·   J55

·   L80

·   N80

·   P110

·   E80

·   HC L80

·   HC P110

·   ENA P110 HCI

·   ENA L80 HCI

·   ENA P110 RY

Range 1-3


Seamless Casing


Outside Diameter


Wall Thickness



7”-9 5/8”


·   K55

·   HC K55

·   HC L80

·   HC P110

·   HC Q125

·   ENA 110 MS

·   ENA P110 HCI

Range 1-3




·   STC (Short Thread Coupling)

·   LTC (Long Thread Coupling)

·   BTC (Buttress Thread Coupling)

·   Proprietary EVRlock Semi-Premium and Premium connections for conventional and unconventional drilling applications


ENA ensures supply for some of the most demanding energy applications with its full heat treat, threading, and finishing capabilities (including semi-premium and premium threads).


In addition to the top companies listed above, other significant players in the OCTG market include ArcelorMittal, Hunting plc, Jindal SAW Ltd, and MedservRegis plc.


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Wrapping Up


Growing production and exploration (especially in North America), increasing drilling activities, rising demand for O&G, and surging investments in shale gas fields are some of the key factors contributing to the OCTG industry’s growth.


As the foundation of O&G well design and pipeline design, OCTG (tubular products) collectively serve as the conduit for efficient and safe transport of O&G products to the market.


OCTG companies, including OCTG producers, provide a wide range of quality OCTG products and services for the O&G industry and ensure a reliable and resilient energy future for people worldwide.


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