Global Top 10 Hydraulic Fracturing Companies [2023]

Published on 31st August 2023

Hydraulic fracturing (HF) is a well-stimulation technique that involves injecting a high-pressure “fracking fluid” or “frac fluid” into a wellbore to create cracks in deep-rock formations and ease the flow of brine, natural gas, and petroleum.


Also known as “fracing,” “fracking,” “hydrofracking,” and “hydrofracturing,” hydraulic fracturing or the fracking process aids in the extraction of natural gas and other hydrocarbons from shale gas and shale oil deposits worldwide.


Typically, groundwater and surface water resources, such as lakes, municipal supplies, and rivers ensure water supply for hydraulic fracturing operations.


When U.S. oil companies started combining fracking with other methods like horizontal drilling to extract O&G from vast shale rock formations, it resulted in a “fracking boom” that transformed the American energy landscape.


For example, horizontal drilling in conjunction with hydraulic fracturing, led to economic gas production in the Barnett shale gas reservoir (the Barnett-Woodford shale gas play is located in the Permian Basin, West Texas).


Apart from areas like the Marcellus Shale (one of the most prolific plays in North America and a favorable site for natural gas production), new production sites are also available in other regions, such as North Dakota.


Massive hydraulic fracturing is required to access tight gas and tight oil reservoirs with low permeability and low porosity and recover economic volumes of gas or oil from tightly trapped pockets of fossil fuels.


Keep reading to learn more about the top players in the hydraulic fracturing industry.


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Global Top 10 Hydraulic Fracturing Companies [2023]

Schlumberger Ltd. (Schlumberger N.V.)

Baker Hughes Company

Halliburton Company

Weatherford International plc

Liberty Energy Inc.

NexTier Oilfield Solutions

Patterson-UTI Energy, Inc.


ProPetro Holding Corp.

Calfrac Well Services Ltd.

Blackridge Research & Consulting – Global Hydraulic Fracturing Services Market Report

Wrapping Up


Global Top 10 Hydraulic Fracturing Companies [2023]


Here are the world’s leading hydraulic fracturing companies (ranking is based on revenue):


Schlumberger Ltd. (Schlumberger N.V.)

Founded: 1926

Location: Houston, Texas, United States


Schlumberger Ltd. (also known as “SLB”) is a globally renowned oilfield services company that is reported to be the “world’s largest offshore drilling company and offshore drilling contractor by revenue.”


Founded by the Schlumberger brothers (Conrad Schlumberger and Marcel Schlumberger) as the Electric Prospecting Company, SLB has established itself as a company with a legacy worth celebrating and a pioneer unlocking new possibilities in energy access.


Schlumberger helps augment O&G production potential with efficient, high-conductivity fractures extending deep into the reservoir but avoiding detrimental frac hits, gas zones, or water zones.


Schlumberger specializes in the following:

  • Initial completions and hydraulic fracturing (new wells)
  • Restimulation and refrac campaigns (mature fields)


Schlumberger provides fracturing services to maximize production from low-permeability reservoirs.


Schlumberger’s portfolio of fracturing services includes:

  • Dual-Fracturing Stimulation Service
  • Big-Bore Frac Check Valves
  • HiWAY (a flow-channel fracturing technique)
  • Dry Friction Reducer
  • Engineered Fracturing Fluids
  • BroadBand
  • BroadBand Precision
  • BroadBand Sequence
  • BroadBand Shield
  • Salik
  • xWATER
  • PropNET
  • ClearFRAC
  • ClearFRAC HighPerm
  • ClearFRAC XT
  • ClearFRAC LT
  • OpenFRAC
  • ScaleFRAC
  • UltraMARINE
  • YF GO
  • ThermaFOAM
  • FiberFRAC


Schlumberger continues to meet customers’ requirements for efficiency, economics, and environmental stewardship.


Baker Hughes Company

Founded: 1987

Location: Houston, Texas, United States


Baker Hughes Company (Baker Hughes) is among the world’s largest oilfield service businesses, with operations spanning Africa, the Americas (including North America and South America), Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East.


Baker Hughes was established as a merger between Baker International (founded by Reuben C. Baker) and Hughes Tool Company (founded by Howard Hughes).


Baker Hughes is a trusted leader in solving production challenges in every environment—from deepwater subsea fields to mature conventional fields.


Baker Hughes’s proprietary fluid systems are tailored to a spectrum of formations and conditions. The company also offers onshore and offshore hydraulic fracturing services across the world—from deep water and shallow water to conventional and unconventional areas.


Fracturing Services


Baker Hughes’ fracturing services include:

  • AquaPerm linear-gel fracturing fluid system
  • AquaStar fracturing fluid systems
  • Binary Foam
  • BrineCare fracturing fluid service
  • DeepSpot complete acid fracturing service
  • Energized CO2 fracturing services
  • HydroCare slickwater systems
  • Lightning Plus fracturing fluid system
  • Lightning fracturing fluid system
  • Medallion Frac HT fracturing fluid systems
  • MethoFrac XL fracturing fluid system
  • PrimeStar fracturing fluid system
  • ShaleXcel fracturing fluid system
  • Spectra Frac fracturing fluids
  • Super RheoGel fracturing fluid system
  • Viking fracturing fluid systems
  • Vistar fracturing fluid system


Baker Hughes provides a predictable, executable hydraulic fracturing treatment design to amplify well productivity with effective, application-specific solutions.


Halliburton Company

Founded: 1919

Location: Houston, Texas, United States


Halliburton Company (Halliburton) is a globally recognized provider of products, services, and integrated solutions for O&G exploration, development, and production. Halliburton was founded by Erle P. Halliburton—a pioneer in oil-well cementing.


The Halliburton approach to fracturing maximizes surface and subsurface efficiency—from reliable pumping equipment to real-time fracture control while pumping.


Octiv™ Intelligent Fracturing Platform


Halliburton’s intelligent fracturing ecosystem enables digital operations, frac automation, and remote connectivity.


ZEUS™ Electric Pumping Unit


Halliburton’s ZEUS™ Electric Pumping Unit is described as “the industry’s first pumping unit capable of achieving sustained activity at 5,000 HHP.”


SmartFleet Fracture Monitoring System


In hydraulic fracking operations, it is essential to measure, visualize, and act on subsurface fracture behavior in real time.


Halliburton enables faster evaluation and validation of fracture performance by integrating downhole diagnostics, live 3D visualization of fracture behavior, and real-time measurements.


For example, Halliburton’s SmartFleet app makes real-time insights more accessible—providing easy-to-interpret subsurface data and visuals to evaluate fracture performance anytime, anywhere.


Dual Fuel Systems


Dual fuel systems prevent unwanted downtime and disruptions and reduce footprint by allowing operators to power the fracturing fleet with 70% field gas and only 30% diesel fuel.


Designed with rigorous safety standards, Halliburton dual fuel Tier 4 systems deliver efficient fracturing with 70% diesel substitution, fewer emissions, and reduced costs.


Halliburton’s hydraulic fracturing techniques and solutions save time and money while improving fracture performance and achieving overall cost-effectiveness.


Weatherford International plc

Founded: 1941

Location: Houston, Texas, United States


Weatherford International plc (Weatherford) is one of the world’s largest multinational oilfield service companies engaged in oil and natural gas evaluation, production, intervention, and well drilling.


Weatherford’s engineering expertise and exclusive technologies help boost reservoir exposure and make informed decisions. Operating in over 90 countries with a world-class talent network, Weatherford creates sustainable offerings and enables its customers to realize the full potential of their assets.


Fluid systems: Weatherford provides a complete suite of fracturing fluid systems for conventional and unconventional formations. Weatherford fluid systems maximize production while minimizing environmental impact, lowering costs, and reducing the risk of formation damage.


Amplifrac™ fluid technology: Weatherford’s Amplifrac™ fluid technology helps in fracturing deep into the formation and opening up more of a reservoir to production.


TBlockSure®: Weatherford’s TBlockSure® diverting agent and stimulation enhancer improve stimulation operations by enhancing completion efficiency and increasing production rates when fracturing or refracturing wells.


WaterSure® fluid system: Weatherford’s eco-friendly WaterSure® fluid system helps conserve fresh water by using 100% produced water to facilitate fracturing and reduce costs.


According to an industry news source, Weatherford International plc “sold its U.S. pressure pumping and pump-down perforating assets to a subsidiary of Schlumberger Ltd.”


Liberty Energy Inc.

Founded: 2011

Location: Denver, Colorado


Liberty Energy Inc. is a premier North American oilfield services firm that offers an innovative suite of technologies and completion services to onshore oil and natural gas E&P companies.


Liberty Energy (also known as “Liberty”) continues to deliver next-generation technology to sustainably develop unconventional energy resources in partnership with its customers.


Liberty’s emphasis on data analytics helps in delivering cost-effective and efficient hydraulic fracturing operations while maximizing customer returns.


The company’s attention to detail during job execution ensures:

·   Faster well completions

·   Limited downtime

·   Enhanced production results for customers


Liberty’s hydraulic fracturing services include:


ESG Frac


According to Liberty, it is “a first mover in driving an ESG-conscious approach to hydraulic fracturing.” It is also known to have “the largest low-emission fleet in the market.”


Key Metrics – ESG Frac


·   50% of Liberty’s total horsepower is low-emission

·   4.32 bcf natural gas burned

·   30 M gallons of diesel replaced




The digiFrac is described as “the first-ever frac pump technology engineered with both brawn and brains.”


The digiFrac reduces fuel costs, maintenance and repair costs, and noise while bringing more power, control, and performance to the frac site.


NexTier Oilfield Solutions

Founded: 1973

Location: Houston, Texas, United States


NexTier Oilfield Solutions (NexTier) is a well-known oilfield service company operating in major unconventional oil and natural gas basins in the U.S. The premier land well-completions company focuses on the most demanding land basins in the U.S. and offers proprietary solutions to maximize operational efficiency.


NexTier’s oilfield operations include:


Hydraulic Fracturing: NexTier provides flexible, tailored completion solutions to balance pricing, operational, and environmental goals. In addition, NexTier’s advanced reservoir engineering support and 24-7 NexHub™ Digital Center support help realize greater oilfield ROI.


Wireline Operations: NexTier is an industry leader in wireline plug and perf with best-in-class wireline expertise, top-tier field equipment, as well as excellent scope and scale in the U.S. land plays.


Natural Gas Fueling: NexTier provides an integrated natural gas fueling infrastructure (including next-gen dual-fuel pumping equipment) to help customers reduce emissions and fuel costs.


Oilfield Logistics: NexTier ensures enhanced operational flexibility and greater access to a fully integrated network of frac and sand fleets and an extensive pool of reliable drivers for a logistically superior oil field.


Cementing: NexTier offers a vast portfolio of regional services—from pre-job planning to jobsite deployment—and a full range of cementing services to ensure cementing success, even in the most demanding formations.


Pumpdown: NexTier provides a range of pump-down services for existing wells and new completions and dedicated pump-down trucks for pump-down operations.


According to NexTier, the company offers “the industry’s largest fleet of highly engineered, fit-for-purpose pumping units.”


NexMile™ Logistics: NexTier’s AI (Artificial Intelligence)-powered Logistics Control Tower uses real-time data to streamline everything—from sourcing materials to managing last-mile operations.


NexTier’s hydraulic fracturing services include:


Customized Completions


NexTier provides access to a wider range of cutting-edge completion approaches and equipment options—from simple projects to complex operations.


Digital Optimization


The NexHub™ Digital Center enables seamless integration of completion activities across the wellsite and monitors equipment health to proactively reduce nonproductive time.


Leading-Edge Tools


Every aspect of a NexTier completion is designed to make a wellsite more cost effective, efficient, safety focused, and environmentally responsible.


NexTier’s advanced on-site components and systems comprise the following:

·   Wet-sand capabilities

·   Scorpion™ frac-sand handling and storage

·   Emerald™ electric frac fleet

·   Simul- and trimul-frac operations

·   LateralScience℠ engineered completions


NexTier’s commitment to service excellence is reflected in its exceptional spirit of collaboration and flexibility in every job, every time.


Patterson-UTI Energy, Inc.

Founded: 1978

Location: Houston, Texas, United States


Founded as “Patterson Drilling Company, Inc.” by Cloyce Talbott and Glenn Patterson, Patterson-UTI Energy, Inc. (also known as “Patterson-UTI”) was formed with the acquisition of UTI Energy in 2001.


Patterson-UTI is an industry-leading provider of diversified energy services, including drilling and pressure pumping services, directional drilling, rental equipment and technology.


Universal – Hydraulic Fracturing Solutions


Patterson-UTI’s pressure pumping subsidiary named “Universal Well Services, Inc.” (also known as “Universal”) provides pumping and reservoir enhancement services for the O&G industry.


Universal is a full-service, Tier 1 fracturing company that provides a complete suite of custom-engineered solutions, including the following for hydraulic fracturing:




·   Acid Compatibility

·   Acid Titration

·   Atmospheric Viscosity

·   Bacteria Kill Studies

·   Clay Stabilizer Testing (Capillary Suction Time)

·   Corrosion Inhibition Testing

·   Crosslink Viscosity Break Profile

·   Crosslink Viscosity Testing

·   Fluid Compatibility

·   High Temperature/High Pressure Viscosity

·   Linera Gel Viscosity Break Profile

·   Surfactant Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) testing

·   Surfactant Non/Emulsifier Performance Optimization

·   Surfactant Surface Tension Testing

·   Water Analysis




·   Fluid Compatibility

·   Friction Flow Loop (1/2 inch and ¾ inch tube diameter)

·   Friction Reducer Booster testing

·   Water Analysis




During the hydraulic fracturing (fracking) process, a gritty material known as “proppant” is mixed with fracturing fluid to hold open fractures made in the ground.


Universal has strategic supplier partnerships to meet a variety of proppant needs—from Northern White to in-basin sand. In addition, Universal supplies specialty proppants, including resin-coated, ceramic, and bauxite.


With decades of hydraulic fracturing experience, Universal produces successful results for its customers by providing ideal solutions to real-world well completion problems.



Founded: 2016

Location: Texas, United States


ProFrac (also written as “Profrac”—a PF Holdings Company) was built to be the go-to service provider for the most demanding hydraulic fracturing needs of E&P companies. As an industry-leading hydraulic fracturing company, ProFrac offers efficient fleets for a wide range of frac service needs.


ProFrac began operations in the Permian Basin (September 2016) and the Marcellus/Utica (October 2016).


Frac Pumps: ProFrac’s frac pumps use a 12-inch center power end with an additional 54,000 lb of rod load to provide optimal well stimulation pressure.


According to ProFrac, it has “the largest and newest fleet of Tier IV and Tier IV dual fuel pumps in the industry.”


Moreover, ProFrac reduces emissions and fuel consumption of its pumps by outfitting them with Engine Standby Controllers (ESC).


Simul-Frac: Simul-Frac is a completions technique that involves stimulating two horizontal wells simultaneously using a single fleet to reduce fuel consumption and overall time to frac the wells. ProFrac’s Simul-Frac service improves pad efficiency by up to 50% with higher bpm (barrel per minute), stages/day, and average lateral feet/day.


Electric Frac: ProFrac’s all-electric fleets completely eliminate diesel deliveries—helping E&P companies reduce CO2 emissions.


ProFrac is committed to delivering proven, reliable, and safe solutions to its customers while driving innovation.


ProPetro Holding Corp.

Founded: 2005

Location: Midland, Texas, United States


Founded by Dale Redman and Jeffrey Smith, ProPetro Holding Corp. is a globally leading integrated oilfield services company providing hydraulic fracturing, cementing, wireline, and other complementary services to upstream O&G companies.


ProPetro is a major provider of hydraulic fracturing services to companies specialized in unconventional oil and natural gas resource exploration and production (E&P) in North America.


ProPetro’s hydraulic fracturing segment optimizes hydrocarbon flow paths during horizontal shale wellbore completion.


As one of the largest fracking firms in the Permian Basin (stated to be “the most prolific U.S. oilfield), ProPetro’s fleet is designed to handle the highest-intensity, most complex hydraulic fracturing jobs.


Moreover, ProPetro’s largely standardized fleet across units facilitates efficient maintenance and repair and reduces equipment downtime.


In addition to advanced monitoring equipment and systems, ProPetro provides experienced crews to provide the best value for customers through the well lifecycle and enables them to leverage the potential of their assets.


A company press release reported the announcement of ProPetro executing a contract with a leading independent Permian operator to use ProPetro’s first electric-powered hydraulic fracturing fleet.


This next-generation equipment represents a transition from legacy diesel-burning fleets and ProPetro’s commitment to helping its customers substantially lower their completion costs and emissions.


Calfrac Well Services Ltd.

Founded: 1999

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada


With “a combined fleet of 1.2 million horsepower,” Calfrac Well Services Ltd. (also known as “CWS” and “Calfrac”) is one of the world’s largest hydraulic fracturing companies working in Argentina, western Canada, and the United States.


Calfrac’s cementing, coiled tubing, hydraulic fracturing, and other well stimulation services are designed to increase oil and natural gas production.


Calfrac specializes in hydraulic fracturing of horizontal and vertical oil and natural gas wells and all traditional industry applications of crosslink, gel-based, and energized fracturing.


As a full-service hydraulic fracturing provider, Calfrac’s expertise includes (but not limited) to the following:

·   Slickwater solutions for fresh and high TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) brine applications

·   Support for high-viscosity friction reducer (HVFR) fracture fluid systems

·   Customized additives (such as biocides, diverters, and surfactants) and treatment types to meet customers’ operational, production, and treatment objectives


Furthermore, Calfrac’s experience with deep and shallow wells includes wells in excess of 10,000 ft. (true vertical depth) and horizontal wells reaching 20,000 ft. (total measured depth).


Other significant players in the hydraulic fracturing market include Nine Energy Service, Inc., Petro Welt Technologies AG, STEP Energy Services, and Trican Well Service Ltd.


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Wrapping Up


Since its first use as an experiment in the 1940s, hydraulic fracturing has become a widely used natural gas drilling method. The fracked gas releases fewer emissions into the air compared to fossil fuels like coal and has many commercial, residential, and industrial uses, such as electricity generation.


In a November 2020 note, the U.S. Energy Information Administration stated that “more electricity has been generated from natural gas and non-carbon sources,” with a ban on hydraulic fracturing negatively impacting the economy.


Additionally, hydraulic fracturing reportedly accounts for a significant portion of U.S. crude oil production—greatly reducing the need to import oil from other countries.


However, hydraulic fracturing has certain drawbacks, such as air pollution due to the release of methane into the atmosphere and groundwater contamination with toxic chemicals.


Some of these hazardous chemicals include benzene, methylene chloride, and nitrogen oxides, which may cause complications, such as disruption to the endocrine system and low birth weight.


Fracking companies use many fracking chemicals as “proprietary chemicals” without disclosing the information to the public.


Notably, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published a report to make accessible information about 1,000+ hydraulic fracturing-related chemicals.


While sub-surface activities may pose a risk to drinking water wells, handling (such as moving, storing, and disposing of the fluids) of drilling fluids can result in water contamination.


Despite the climate change, environmental quality, and other concerns surrounding hydraulic fracturing, the petroleum industry technique remains a major investment of many countries globally.


As the demand for hydraulic equipment and services grows in the O&G industry, fracking companies like Liberty Energy are deploying new fleets and reactivating pressure pumping equipment.


Catalyst Energy Services is an emerging stimulation service company that offers VortexPrime—stated to be “the first-of-its-kind fleet” in the fracing marketplace using direct-drive turbine technology to provide both fuel savings and lower emissions.


With the global hydraulic fracturing market projected to grow considerably in the coming years, hydraulic fracturing companies are essential for extracting oil and natural gas from unconventional reservoirs to meet the ever-growing worldwide demand for energy.



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