9 Crucial Construction Site Safety Measures Every Contractor Must Know!

Published on 23rd November 2021

Construction sites, without a tinge of doubt, are dangerous places to work. It goes without saying that proper safety measures at the site are of utmost significance. So, every construction company should be well versed in the construction safety rules and regulations. Now, let’s check out some of the most essential safety practices a contractor should be following.

  1. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  2. Follow Environmental Guidelines
  3. Keep the Work Area Clean
  4. Ladder Safety
  5. No Crowding inside the Site Perimeter
  6. Lifting Precautions
  7. Proper Site Training
  8. Safety Programs and Culture
  9. Risk Management System


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The Construction Industry is notorious for its safety hazard occurrences.


Needless to say, the construction workers are the ones who are most prone to a construction accident. These hazards include injury to the eyes, limbs, and other body parts, mechanical and electrical hazards, and even worker fatalities. So, it is super important for every worker to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). 


To minimize injuries from such accidents, the workers are required to wear gloves, safety goggles (aka safety glass), knee pads, hard hats, earmuffs, respirators, and vests whenever needed.


The protective gears must fit the workers and should be kept clean. The workers are also required to be aware of when and where the safety equipment is used. It might seem basic to wear the proper safety gear. But it is crucial nevertheless.


Simple preventative measures like these can eliminate many injuries related to electrical, mechanical, chemical, physical, and radiological mishaps. 


Follow Environmental Guidelines

Another super important one among the construction safety tips is to follow the environmental guidelines. 


Environmental hazards are more common in the winter and rainy seasons. The blistering sun towering over the site also causes hazards to the workers. 


Hence, it is mandatory to be aware and take necessary measures to avert injuries caused by nature’s ill moods. 


The construction manager should take responsibility in such scenarios and be ready even to halt the work if required.


Finally, in the case of Force majeure events, the onsite construction is best left entirely suspended. 


Keep the Work Area Clean

Gandhi once said,


“Cleanliness is next to Godliness.”


It is totally valid in the case of construction sites too. A clean site is a safe site. It’s that simple.


In general, construction sites are known for every hazardous material and rubble they produce. The dust and debris can be highly toxic and cause serious respiratory illnesses. So, it is advisable to wear a respirator while using dusty equipment.


Not just the respiratory problems but the layers of dust can also cause more imminent troubles. Grazing the skin by hidden construction equipment, injuries due to trips and stumbles, hidden iron and steel rods causing unnecessary injuries, just to name a few.


So, couldn’t we agree that Gandhi’s advice is timeless after all? 


Ladder Safety

Ladder safety is another major safety issue concerning a construction manager. But really, it needn’t have to be!


Minimal attention on the part of workers and contractors can avoid major disasters. 


Anyway, by following the worker safety tips, you can ensure the worker's maximum safety from ladder accidents, decreasing fall hazards.

  • The ladder must be strong, tight, dry, and free from corrosion and other damages 
  • The ladder must always be taller than the destination of the climber
  • Always keep the ladder clean
  • Give proper training to the unskilled workers.
  • Fall protection must be there for every climb.
  • Using fall hazard signs


These measures are also applicable on scaffolding or a staircase.


No Crowding inside the Site Perimeter 

Construction is not easy, let's face it. A construction worker needs to give excessive physical effort and care to the project. Naturally, cooling sessions are extremely important in the business. 


However, these sessions shouldn’t mingle with their work. In other words, the workers shouldn’t take their job lightly.


Although it is usual for the workers to crowd around new equipment and machinery, the construction manager should make sure that this doesn’t become a habit.


To put it simply, crowds are noisy, and the subtleties of the work will get overlooked easily. To prevent this, follow the easiest of the construction site safety measures - NO CROWDING.


Lifting Precautions

Lifting heavy equipment is a major part of the construction job. The construction workers are hence ready for the duty calls. However, lifting is a laborious task. No matter how careful the workers are, there can still be room for improvement.


Lifting hazards can be paralyzing and even fatal. So, the construction workers should report as soon as they feel something is amiss. 


The workers can follow these tips to diminish such casualties arising from Lifting heavy machinery. 

  • Following proper lifting techniques
  • Understanding one’s own limitations and asking for help
  • Making use of Innovations in Construction Technology like Exosuits and Construction Wearables.

Proper Site Training

Every construction worker should get proper safety training before the construction project. This eliminates all rookie mistakes and makes the workers confident and comfortable around the site.


The safety procedures and protocols are to be followed strictly. Every Safety officer has to ensure that every worker understands the significance of the methods. They should also make sure that the workers are aware of every potential danger and are ready for it.


Also, these days, construction site safety training is even available online.


So cool, right? Make use of it! 


Safety Programs and Culture

While a training program can educate the workers about safety, it is simply not enough in a long-term contract. Why? Because workers, like any other person, they too are human beings! And are susceptible to errors.


So, a training program at the beginning of the project is not adequate.


On the other hand, nurturing a safety-culture enables the community of workers to learn from each other.


The safety standards will be met with ease as the workers fully absorb the ideals and values of the company. The morale of the work zone can be cheered up greatly by a society that cares about others’ well-being.


Creating a feedback system and encouraging the workers to speak up about their troubles will go a long way. Think about it! 


Risk Management System

Building guard rails and routinely checking the stability of every scaffolding, providing eye protection, protective gear, and other safety equipment, and hanging safety nets are some of the ways to prevent workplace accidents.


The potential risks can also be reduced by having the following institutions :

  • Proper analysis of previous accidents
  • Having an emergency response system
  • Having a personal fall arrest system for every mounter


Even if everything goes according to the plan, there is still room for disasters. For example, workplace safety can be challenged by force majeure events such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and landslides.


The construction companies should be ready to deal with such unfortunate incidents. And for that, every construction company should have a risk management system to minimize losses. 


Wrapping Up

Occupational safety is paramount, especially in construction work. So, every potential hazard should be analyzed and for errorless construction.


But of course, it is not realistic to attain such perfection as the safety risk is always gonna present itself before us.


The construction manager should take the initiative to ensure a safe work environment. The managers should assert their ideals and values before the workers early on and promote a safety-culture. So, the workers must adhere to every general safety precaution and guideline. 


To conclude, remember,


Safety isn’t expensive. It’s priceless!

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