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Wind to Hydrogen Plant: Aqua Ventus Green Hydrogen Project, Germany

Published on 07th November 2023

Project at a Glance

Project Name 

Aqua Ventus Green Hydrogen Project 

Project Type


Project Location




Sub sector

Hydrogen project 

Project Value

6 Billion Euros

Project Status

Contract Awarded

Main Contractor 

RWE Renewables 

Project Developer/Coordinator

Government of Germany

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Special Mention

Wind to hydrogen project 



Project Background 

The Aqua Ventus Green Hydrogen Project is taking shape at a time when there is a growing emphasis, both nationally and internationally, on eco-friendly methods of power generation. The use of green hydrogen is now recognized as a potentially fruitful route for the generation of clean energy in light of the current global predicament over climate change and the imperative to cut carbon emissions. Aqua Ventus aspires to be an industry leader by utilizing the latest technological advances to generate environmentally friendly hydrogen by means of the utilization of wind power generated offshore.


Have a look at the picture that has been provided for you below in order to get a concise understanding of the project's particulars as well as an awareness of its schedule. 



Project Overview 

The Aqua Ventus Project is centered on the concept of producing environmentally friendly hydrogen through the utilization of offshore wind farm energy. The offshore hydrogen production from saltwater is accomplished through the project by combining the use of turbines for wind power and electrolysis. The technique includes using extra power generated by the blades of wind turbines to break down the molecules of water into their component parts, hydrogen, and oxygen. The hydrogen that gets generated is subsequently stored until being put to use as an alternative source of renewable energy. As a result, Aqua Ventus is an essential participant in the movement toward a more environmentally conscious and environmentally friendly power generation industry.


RWE Renewables and AquaVentus Förderverein, well-known and respected leaders in the sector, are responsible for the process of developing the Aqua Ventus Green Hydrogen Project. The concept calls for the installation of electrolysis units in the German North Sea that will have a combined generation capacity of 10 GW (gigawatts). The year 2035 is scheduled to be the year of commissioning. It will be possible to generate 1 million metric tons of environmentally friendly hydrogen with these units alone. 


Project Scope

Numerous autonomous consortia located along the value chain are members of the project family that surrounds the AquaVentus initiative. These consortia are working toward the actualization of the AquaVentus vision.  Those initiatives, which will complement one another, will synchronize need and output, which will make it possible for the market to ramp up as necessary. Below is the table given for your understanding:





AquaPrimus is an all-encompassing environmental change initiative that, for the very first time, will test the viability of commercial use of a recently developed technology by putting it to use in a setting that more closely resembles actual life. 

With its combined structure for turbine and electrolyzer built around an industry-standard industrial-size offshore wind turbine with a capacity of 15 MW, AquaPrimus is able to offer clean energy to the market.

This 1x15 megawatt unit is going to be linked to Heligoland using a pipeline. Once there, the green hydrogen is going to be utilized to substitute the consumption of fossil fuels in the heating systems and to minimize carbon dioxide (CO2) released on the island.



The Aquaductus Pipeline transports environmentally friendly hydrogen straight out of the North Sea to consumers on the European continent.


When correlated with other modes of transportation, the pipeline approach has been demonstrated to be both more economically as well as technically practical for the particular use at hand.



The Aquqsector is an enormous-scale hydrogen facility that is located offshore in the German North Sea.


The AquaSector initiative has the goal of installing a production capacity of around 300 megawatts (MW) offshore, to produce as much as 20,000 tons of environmentally friendly hydrogen annually.


Project Cost 

The Aqua Ventus Green Hydrogen Project is anticipated to have a total expense of 6 billion euros. This includes costs connected with the setting up of offshore turbines for wind power, as well as electrolysis infrastructure, storage facilities, and related transmission networks. The project is expected to become economically viable in the long run as a result of ongoing developments in the field of renewable energy technologies and the achievement of economies of scale.


The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) provided Aqua Ventus with financing of up to 12.48 million euros.


Location Details

The Aqua Ventus Green Hydrogen Project is located in Germany in the North Sea. The site that has been selected not only offers stable and robust wind supplies, but it also reduces the amount of damage done to the surrounding environment. Due to the fact that the wind farms are located offshore, there will be no interference with the occupancy of the ground, and the delivery of green hydrogen production will be much simpler to all the different demand areas.



Contractors Involved 

The accomplishment of the Aqua Ventus Green Hydrogen Project is due in large part to the work of a number of essential contractors. The number of businesses that are part of the AquaVentus network has increased to 79, and it includes some of the most well-known names in the offshore energy sector. These companies include Heerema Marine Contractors, Saipem, and Ramboll in addition to Neptune Energy, which is an oil and gas-producing company. 


In 2021, the offshore wind energy builders Ørsted, Equinor, and WindMW as well as the offshore building contractor Boskalis joined the enormous offshore wind-to-hydrogen development. This was subsequently followed by fresh participants from countries other than Europe, such as the Japanese utility J-Power and the Japanese-Swiss joint venture Hitachi ABB Power as well as the United States offshore construction and engineering services player McDermott.



At its conclusion, the Aqua Ventus Green Hydrogen Project is at the vanguard of several efforts to develop environmentally friendly forms of energy. The growing need for green energy is addressed by the project, which contributes to the preservation of the environment while simultaneously utilizing offshore wind power in conjunction with cutting-edge offshore electrolysis techniques. The benefits are not limited to the elimination of carbon emissions; rather, they also include economic growth and the incorporation of renewable energy sources into the larger energy landscape.


As the international community continues to place a higher priority on environmentally friendly approaches, Aqua Ventus acts as a guiding light for innovation by demonstrating the possibilities of environmentally friendly hydrogen in transforming the long-term prospects of the energy sector. The project is prepared to make a lasting impact, and it could even establish a foundation for the emergence of similar efforts all over the world, thanks to the dedicated contractors and its advantageous location.


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