Here’s How to Find New Construction Projects

Published on 31st January 2023

Are you looking for new construction projects? Whether you are searching for an office space, retail space, a residential real estate project, or any other project in the commercial space, we can help!


We provide actionable intelligence on residential and commercial construction projects worldwide, so you can explore fresh construction leads and win more business.


We not only keep an eye on current projects but also track the development activity of a proposed project, so you have access to real-time project information.


Keep reading to learn more about how to find new construction projects quickly and efficiently.


Who is Involved in Working on a New Construction Project?

A new construction project involves the planning, design, construction, and commissioning of a new building or the construction of an addition to an existing building.


Various factors also impact the construction cost of a residential or commercial structure, including:

  • Choice of procurement options
  • Cost of design
  • Legislative constraints 
  • Nature of the project
  • The priorities of a client


In addition, new residential or commercial construction requires a construction or building permit and adherence to building codes and standards.


For example, new construction permission may be granted for affordable housing complexes, housing units, warehouses, etc.


Furthermore, the local process for construction project approval involves submitting plans to the local governing authority, such as the planning commission or the city council, depending on the municipality size.


Moreover, construction site safety measures should be followed to ensure employee and public safety.


A construction project team includes members with different roles and responsibilities.


Many professionals are involved in the conceptualization, development, and completion of a new construction project, including:

  • Architect
  • Builder
  • Building surveyor
  • Civil engineer
  • Construction project manager
  • Developer    
  • General foreman
  • Interior designer
  • Main contractor
  • Site clerk
  • Structural engineer
  • Sub-contractors


Main Types of Construction Projects

Construction encompasses several types of buildings ranging from amusement facilities and research facilities to fire stations and low-rise/high-rise apartments.


The following are the main types of construction projects with respect to the actual facility constructed for a specific purpose:

  • Commercial buildings, including hotels, offices, museums, parking garages, schools, and shopping centers.
  • Industrial facilities, such as factories and large-scale production facilities.
  • Infrastructure projects, such as airports, bridges, dams, roads, or wastewater systems. An infrastructure project is an example of a capital project which builds, maintains, or improves a capital asset through new construction, expansion, renovation, or replacement.


Find New Construction Projects with the Global Project Tracker

If you are a general contractor or subcontractor looking to expand your business, your search for new construction projects ends here!


Blackridge Research & Consulting’s proprietary Global Project Tracker can help you find the right construction projects for your business.


Our most comprehensive and verified construction project database provides you with a variety of residential and commercial construction projects happening across the world.


You can refine your search using various parameters, such as project stage, project type, region, country, capex (in USD million), and sector.


For example, you can search by country (such as the United States) to know the construction projects available across regions, such as Fort Worth, Las Vegas, New York, San Diego, San Francisco, and San Jose.


From upcoming and planned to ongoing and completed projects, you can search for the project of your interest, while leveraging our expertise and experience to optimize your ROI.


No missed opportunities with project intelligence at your fingertips.


What You Can Do with the Global Project Tracker

The Global Project Tracker offers a complete overview of a construction project, including:

  • Key Companies & Contacts
  • Location
  • Project description/scope
  • Project details (including project sector and sub-sector)
  • Project timeline
  • Project-related documents/links


Simplify Your Construction Project Search with the Global Project Tracker

Search by Project Stage

Search by Project Type

Search by Region

Save time

Use your resources optimally


Get email alerts


  • Upcoming/planned
  • Tenders
  • Contract awards
  • Ongoing/under construction
  • Completed/commissioned
  • Cancelled
  • On hold/delay
  • Shutdown/partial shutdown


  • Greenfield
  • Brownfield


  • Asia-Pacific
  • North America
  • Europe/ Eurasia
  • Middle East
  • Africa
  • South America


Greater visibility of construction projects at various stages across regions saves you time in finding the most viable project opportunities.

A single source of truth for extracting meaningful insights results in optimal utilization of your resources.

Stay on top of what’s happening with email alerts on new project activity from the dashboard.


Wrapping Up

Save your time and money on finding new construction projects. Move ahead of your competition with actionable intelligence.


Get access to up-to-date project information at the right time to get the right projects for your business.


In an increasingly competitive construction industry, we are here to make your project search easier and faster and make the best construction opportunities available to you.


Contact us for research-backed insights into the construction industry projects.


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